Create A New Section

NOTE: These instructions are for administrators only.

When it comes time to create a new section in the CMS, there are numerous steps you need to follow in the proper order to get it set up correctly.

  1. Create "Campus" Section Front: Locate the appropriate place for the new section to live, such as the department or college folder. In there you will create a new PAGE with the type of "Campus Section Front". The Name will become the link, so if you use a name of “Integrated Marketing” the link will be Besides the name field, we are not going to edit this page yet.
  2. Create Section Control: Go to “Internal Components -> Admin -> Section Control” and create a new COMPONENT with type of “Section Control”. The Name in this case is not important, but should reflect the name of the section. Don’t edit anything else yet.
  3. Create Theme (Optional): Go to “Internal Components -> Admin -> Themes” and create a new COMPONENT with type of “Theme”. Often you will leave this alone for the graphic designer to do, or you can omit this step and come back and deal with it later.
  4. Create and Edit Contact Info: Go to “Internal Components -> Contacts -> FOLDER” and create a COMPONENT of type Contact Info. Put in as much information as you have, however, leave the Website and Contact pages blank for now. Job Title and Body Copy will also usually be blank.
  5. Edit Section Control: Now its time to go edit the parts of the section control we created in Step 2.
    1. Title: Just a name for internal reference to this section control, otherwise not used.
    2. Section Home: Create a internal link to the section front page created in Step 1.
    3. Contact Information: Use the pick tool to select the Contact information created in step 4.
    4. Feedback: Not used. Ignore.
    5. Side Column Items: Calls to action, Social Media and Content blocks can usually be left empty for now. Under News headlines, pick the appropriate category that is appropriate to this section under the Organization section. The rest of the information should be already filled in and is:
      1. Include Pages = Checked
      2. Depth = All
      3. Filter Schemas = NNDetail
    6. Header: If the graphic designer has provided a header logo, upload it here. You will usually leave Header Links alone for now as well.
    7. Theme: Select the theme you created in step 3 or select the “Default Campus Theme”.
    8. Emergency Message: Not used. Ignore.
    9. Include Chat: Leave unchecked. (Todd will set these up).
    10. Section Navigation: Type = Children. Start Page is usually the page created in step 1.
  6. Edit the Section Front: Next we will go back to the Section Front page created in step one and edit a few items on this page (Everything else you can ignore until you are ready to work with content):
    1. Title: the title for this area is required.
    2. Admin Functions Section Control: Select the Section control you created in step 2.
  7. Add Contact Us page (Optional): In the left column, select the Section Front page, right click and choose to create a page of type “Campus Detail/List” and give it a Name and Title of “Contact Us” or whatever you would like. You don’t need to edit it any more at this time (later you can come back and add body copy to this page for additional contact information).
  8. Edit the Contact Component: Go back to the Contact Info you created in step 4 and under Website choose an internal link to the Section Front page you created in step 1. Under Contact Page select the Contact Us page you created in step 7.

Now that you have created the section, you can edit the Section Front page and/or add any new pages underneath it.