FAQ Component and Folders

FAQ Components only have four fields to worry about.

  • Name: Unlike with a page name, the FAQ Name really is only used for internal use and will never be displayed to anyone outside of the CMS. Its best to include the letters "FAQ:" at the start of the name so that its easy to find the FAQs.
  • Question: The Question part of the FAQ.
  • Answer: This is an HTML Field for the answer to the question.
  • Key Words: Put any key words into the field to assist with searching. For example, if you are writing about "Canines" in an FAQ, you might put "Dog" in the key words.

Folders and Organization

If you are going to use categories, the FAQs must be organized correctly. The sub folders must be all titled "FAQs: " and then the name of the category as you want it to appear on the site. The site will remove the "FAQs: " from the folder name before it displays it on the site.

In the example below, there are two categories shown: "Types of Financial Aid" and "Applying for Aid".

FAQs in the Tree
FAQs in the Tree