Right Column Overrides

There are two different options for adding additional information to the right column of the page within the "Right Column Overrides" sections.

Side Content Blocks

Side content blocks are blocks of HTML and images that can be added to the right column. Side content blocks can be almost any information, but they need to be short paragraphs and/or small pictures in order to fit in the space provided. If you need some content added to the right column, this is how you would do that. They need to be created and edited by Marketing and Communications so most likely you will leave this section alone unless directed.

There may also be side content blocks added per section of the site. Contact Marketing and Communications if you need any additional information added to the side column.

Calls To Action

Calls to action are blue boxes with links and are created by Marketing and Communications, so you will probably also leave these alone unless directed by Marketing and Communications. Unlike with Side Content Blocks, there always several content blocks listed. They can be specified by section, but if none are listed at the section level, it takes the two (shown at right) that are default for the whole site. You can then also override them here on a per page basis.

Calls to Action

Normally calls to action are links to specific tasks that a student or visitor would take. For example, they might be directing students to apply to a program, buy tickets for a show, or numerous other targeted actions we want the visitor to take. If you need something, contact Marketing and Communications and we can help set these up for you.

Right Column Overrides