Navigation List

You can also create what is called a "Navigation List" under the body copy of a detail/list page (and thus explaining why its called detail/list, rather than just detail page). Navigation lists are a list of pages and links to that page. For example, the right column on every page starts with a Navigation List, in this case the section navigation. What this editor allows you to do is to create the same type of navigation but within the main content area of the page.

Navigation List Information

There are two different parts to creating a navigation list onto a page. The second item in the box is the Page Navigation, which uses the Navigation Element to create the navigation. These are very difficult to set up correctly, so we recommend that you only have an administrator set these up for you.

The first element in this group is the Page Navigation Type. This pop-up will allow you to select from the  three different Page Navigation types which will display differently on the page.

AZ List

The AZ List type will create a simple bulleted list, with no exports. This is the type you should most often use. If there are more than 20 items in the list, the list will be shown in two columns.

A-Z Navigation List

Sortable List

The Sortable List type creates a multi column table that can be sorted on whatever elements you wish to include. The Title is always included and others can be as well, as long as you set them up in the "Exports" area. The name of the export must start with "inc_" in order for it to show as a sortable column.

Sortable Navigation List
A Sortable Navigation List with the Building Code as a local export.

In the case above, it is set up with a name of "inc_Code" and the data is "/*/Building/Abbreviation", which is where that information is coming from in the XML. This is why we recommend that you have assistance when building a navigation.

Thumbnail 2 Column

A thumbnail two column is a two column with a picture. Mainly this style is used on the UNR Main site and not on the Campus Detail page, but it can be used for both. To get the picture, you need to include a local export with a name of "image". The code will resize the image width to fit appropriately on the page.

Two Column Navigation List
A Two Column Navigation List