Campus Detail/List Page

Campus Detail/List pages are the most common page type that you will be working on while in the CMS. Page Name, Title and Body Copy are all required to filled in before you can submit the page for publishing.

Campus Detail Editor

Page Name

The Page Name, which you put in as part of creating the page, is how the URL will appear to the user, all in lower case, with punctuation removed and spaces turned into the hyphen ("-") character. For example, if you create a section on the site with the name of "My Great Page" the link will become "/my-great-page". Changing the name of the page could cause people to have broken links to your pages as well. Read more on links at the Style Guide: Links and URLs page.

Title [Required]

The Title is a text element that appears right above the body copy of the page and in the browser title (unless rewritten below, under the SEO section). You can not put any HTML into the title field, just text.

Body Copy

Technically, the Body Copy area isn't required, but there isn't much point to creating campus detail page unless you have something in here. The Body Copy area uses the HTML editor to edit the content on the page.

Optional Information

The remaining sections of the Campus Detail page are all optional, with the exception of "Admin Functions" which only administrators have access to. See the Search Engine Details (SEO) section for information on the Search Engine Details area.