Campus Degree

The campus degree page is a type used just to generate the "degrees" section of the site. This same page is used for the "Major" page (aka "Accounting") the "Degree" page (aka "Bachelor of Science in Accounting") as well as the degree front page. In addition to these elements, you will also need to assign various categories to this degree using taxonomy.

Top Items

  • Title [Required] The title is required. Put in the complete title of the degree such as "Bachelor of Science in Geology"
  • Abstract [Required] The abstract (short description) is also required and should be an approximately 30 word version of this degree. This is used on list pages that refer to this degree.
  • Body Copy: Using the normal HTML editor, input as much non-catalog information as you can about this degree. Do not put in information such as course requirements, as those will be dealt with in a future version of this page.

Contact Info and Links

  • Contact Info (Component): Select the component for the main contact information for this degree. Most times, this will be the college (aka college of science).
  • Advisors (List): This is currently not working. Eventually, you will input the NetID of any advisors that are connected to this major/degree.
  • More Info Link: If there is an external web page for this degree, put in a link to that page. Do not link to the catalog with this link.
  • Advising Info Link: If there is a page of advising information for this page, put in that link here.

Contact Info and Links

Additional Information

  • Career Options: Input information about various career options.
  • Admissions Deadlines: Put in any deadlines for this degree here. Use AP Style for date formatting.
  • Data Components: These are for future use and should be left alone for now.

Contact Info and Links


  • Main Image: Use any image approximately 250-350 pixels wide and this will appear to the top-right of the BodyCopy. If you have more advanced image needs for this degree, place them in the BodyCopy section instead or in addition to the main image.
  • Image Cut Line: This is optional will appear below the main image if present.
  • Thumbnail Image: use a 100x100 image for the thumbnail. This will only appear on other sections of the site and not on this page.

Overview (Major) Page Information

There are two different things here that need to be modified ONLY if this page is a "Major" not a "Degree". First, check the "Degree Overview" check-box. Second, on the Degree Navigation, change the type from the default of "Siblings" to "Children". This will tell the site that this is a major and not a degree.

Contact Info and Links