Top Menu Tools

Screenshot of CMS top menu toolbar

Across the top of the screen you can see the tools that you always have available to you no matter what you are working on in the CMS. The first row includes your login name (in case you forgot who you are) plus:

  • Sign-Out: Logs you out of the CMS.
  • Language: Changes the language of the tools within the CMS but does NOT change the language on the website. For example, by changing the language to Spanish, the language tool will read “Idioma” and changing it to German will cause this tool to read “Sprache”.
  • Help: Under the help menu, the first choice will bring up the Ingeniux manual for the CMS. This document has a wealth of information in it, but can be a little more technical than most users want. If you can’t find the information you are looking for in this manual, try the Ingeniux manual. Online Support will take you to the Ingeniux website but only system administrators have access to this site. The Custom Helper is how you got to this document.
  • Go To: You can jump to a page by typing its name here.
  • Go forward/backwards: Once you are working in the CMS, your normal web browser's back button will not work anymore (back will take you to the login screen). These tools work much the same way, but are the only forward/back buttons you should use once you are in the CMS.

The next row has many tools available to you:

  • Dashboard: Takes you to the Dashboard.
  • New: Creates a new page, folder or component.
  • Check In/Out: Most users will not have access to these buttons.
  • Rename: Allows you to rename a file or folder.
  • Assign To: This will allow you to assign a page currently assigned to you to someone else within your same security group. See Workflow for more information.
  • Advance in Workflow: The advance in Workflow button is the main tool you will use to edit or publish pages. See Workflow for more information.
  • SpellCheck: Checks the spelling on all elements of the page that you are currently editing (Edit View only
  • Refresh: Like the forward back buttons, this also works similar to your web browsers refresh tool but only refreshes within this page of the CMS.
  • Preview: When you have a page selected in the CMS, the preview button will bring the page up in a new window (which is different than the Page View which is discussed in Page Tabs).
  • Assets: This tool allows you to upload files to the site. You can upload Documents, Images, and Media files to the site for use in the edit form.