Page Tabs

Page and Component Tabs

There are numerous views (tabs) that you use when working with pages. At the top of most of these tabs is the page properties box, which contains the following information:

  • Page Name (the only editable item in this area)
  • ID (the CMS xID of this page or component)
  • Schema (What schema was used to create this page or component)
  • Assigned To: Who this is currently has this page checked out or assigned to them via workflow

If you further expand the triangle in this section, you can also get information about when the page was last modified and by whom plus a variety of other information.

Screenshot of Edit Form tab with relevant information

Edit form

The Edit Form tab is where you edit the content of a page. On this page you could see a wide variety of ways of editing content, depending on what schema this page was built with. This is the tab you will spend most of your time on when working on when in the CMS. See Editing Content for more information.

Page view (pages only)

The Page View tab gives you a preview of the way that this page will look when it is published to the live site. Keep in mind that this is a preview only visible to users within the CMS system.


The categorize tab is where we set the “Taxonomy” or categorization of a page’s content. Unless you are working with news and events, you will probably not ever need to use this tab.


The history view shows the recent history of edits to this page. You can see who edited the page last and when, the name of the file, and what version this file is currently at. Under the list of revisions, there are two tools at the bottom the history page:

  1. Diff Against Version:This will show the differences between the current version of the page and the selected version. When you select a previous version of the page and hit this button, below the buttons will appear a version of the edit form with the differences between them highlighted.
  2. Revert to Selected Version:This will take the current version and replace it with the selected version. So if you made some changes to a page and need to go back to an earlier version, use this tool.


The Google analytics tool will show basic analytics information (page users, number of visits, etc) for the page you are looking at.


The help tab will bring up this instruction manual but with content tailored to the page you are editing.


There are several web based tools for error checking pages on the Tools tab. The tools on this tab are currently being expanded, so please see the tools tab on each page for more information about the current tools available to you.

Help Form

This form is designed to help you, if you ever are stuck or if there are any issues with the CMS.