Left Column

Left Column Tools

There are 5 different tabs on the left side column as you log in, and most have a variety of options under each, however not all users will see all these options, depending on your user security levels.
Screenshot of available sections in the left column


Most everyone should always be able to access the site tab, and this is where most people will spend 99% of their time. This is where all the files for the site are located. Within the site tool, you will find three types of content organized:

  • Folders:

    If you’ve used a computer before, you probably have a pretty good concept of using folders to organize and store content. In the CMS, they are used the same way with some differences. For your specific area of the website, talk to a system administrator to find out how folders are used.

  • Components:

    Think of components as chunks of data that we want to use over and over again. For example, every building on campus has several pieces of information about it (Name, Building Number, Map Location, Etc). Instead of putting this information in each time, we can call the building component that contains that information. By having the information only written once and referred to many times, it reduces the chances of misspelling the name or if information changes, its only necessary to change it in one spot and that will then be changed all over the entire website. You will most likely never need to work with components other than to select them. If there is ever a component that is missing, we can create it for you.

  • Pages:

    Pages are the actual web pages that are on the site and this is where you will be spending most of your time. See Editing Content for more information on editing pages.

To navigate this section, click on the +/- box to the left of any page to expand its content. If the page does not have a +/- box, the it has no underlying content.

For all these pages, folders and components, you can also right click on the item to bring up the contextual menu for that item. See the contextual menus instructions for more information about what happens when you right click on one of these.

Screenshot of Site section expanded with sub pages displayed

Other Left Column Tools

  • Assignments: The assignments tab shows the various pages and workflows that are assigned to you (these may be checked out to you or not). From here you can go straight to those pages.
  • Apps: The apps section has a link to Google analytics. This is similar to the Google analytics you get for each page, but for the entire site.
  • Search: Search for content of pages. This only works on the visible part of a page (the words you've written) and not any code related items (i.e. a Web Link in a page).
  • Administration: The only tool within here for most users is a link back to the dashboard.