The Dashboard

When you log into the CMS for the first time, the first thing you will see is the dashboard, which provides the most common tools and tasks that you are likely to need access to. This should usually be your first stop any time you are working in the CMS.

Create Content

The create content area has two sections:

  • New: These are document creation “wizards” for creating pages.
  • In Progress: These are all the documents that are currently “Checked Out” to you.

Quick Links

Quick links also has two sections of short cuts to content within the CMS:

  • Favorites: You can drag any page or component to this area to create a shortcut to that page.
  • Recently Visited: These are the 10 pages that you most recently worked on. You can click on the name in the list to go directly to that page.

Site Status

The content in the site status area is more informational in nature than a tool. In this section of the dashboard, you can see which users are currently logged in (or rather, who didn't log out when exiting the browser), when the last time the site was published, and some other informational status information (such as how many pages there are on the site).

Screenshot of CMS dashboard