Contextual Menu

Contextual Menu (Right Click) Tools

For pages, components and folders, there are a lot of tools you can access by right clicking on these items to perform a wide variety of tasks associated with this page. Various items will be greyed out depending on what you are clicking on, your security level, and other factors. While many of these tools are also duplicated across the top of the screen (see Top Tools), others are only available here.

The menu that appears will have different options on it depending on if you are clicking on a page, component, or folder. The image at right is the menu for a page, which has the most options.

New, Rename, Refresh

These menu items allow you to create new pages, folders or components and rename any file you have checked out. The refresh button works the same as the top button for refreshing content in the CMS.

Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete

These four options work the same way that you would expect if you are familiar with the Windows operating system. If you need to create a new page that is similar to an existing page, you can copy it and paste it into a new location. Delete, moves the file to the recycle folder where it will be deleted at scheduled intervals.

Workflow Tools

The items in the third section, Assign To, Advance, Show History are all tools dealing with workflow.

Check In/Out and Publish Tools

These tools are only available to administrators.

Screenshot of context menu expanded

Page Properties

If you have access to this dialog (most will not), the page properties tool brings up a dialog box with a lot of different tabs and options. However, there is only one options you should use and it is “Page Lifetime” on the “System Attributes” tab.

Use Page Lifetime if you want to automatically expire a page from the site. For example, if you create a press release to discuss the campus is closed due to weather, you could set the page with an end date of tomorrow and then this page will no longer appear on the site (it will work the same way that un-marking a page for publish will). However the page will still be there in the CMS and after it has expired you have to go in and manually delete the page to remove it.

This is also useful if you want a page to appear at a certain time that doesn’t correspond with the publish schedule. For example, if you have a page that you need to appear at noon on a certain day (like for a contest or something), you can set the Start Date to be that time and then go ahead and publish the page. The page will not appear on the site until the specified start time.

Note: This only works on pages in the CMS, not components or folders.

Screenshot of Page Properties modal window