Users and Security

We also need to briefly talk about the various users of the CMS and website as we define them here at the university. There are many different levels of users of the CMS. Not all users will see the same options, content etc. Even two people that have the same role will not necessarily have access to exactly the same content. With the CMS system, we attempt to give access to the parts you need to have access to in order to maintain your content without having access to areas that you don’t need. If you have any question about your level of access, contact a system administrator.

Users or Visitors

When we refer to “Users” we are talking about people who are viewing the live university website. They could be students, faculty, administration, community members, etc.

Content Contributors

If you are reading this document, this is probably you. Content Contributors are users of the content management system that work for various colleges or departments on the university campus and specialize in content for specific areas of the site. Keep in mind that with the various levels of security, there are many different ‘flavors’ of content contributors, such as "Authors" and "Editors". Some will have access to many parts of the CMS, while others may have access to only a single page.

Content and System Administrators

Content administrators can do everything that content contributors can do, except they can work on any pages within the website. Content administrators work for the Marketing and Communications department and oversee content for the entire university website. System Administrators also work for Marketing and Communications and can do everything content administrators can do but they also manage all the various users, publishing schedule, plus a few other system administrative functions.