General Terminology

Most of these terms you will probably know (or have at least heard of), but lets review them anyway.

CMS: Content Management System

As mentioned earlier, Content Management Systems (CMS), are programs that are used to create and manage content for a web site. There are numerous advantages to using a CMS to manage the website including centralized maintenance, design consistency, automatic updating of information across many pages, and much more.


Ingeniux (pronounced like “ingenious” but with an X at the end) is the particular brand of CMS that the university uses. We currently use version 8 of the Ingeniux CMS.


While it’s good to have a basic understanding of HTML, mostly you will not have to worry about it too much as the CMS will do most of that work for you. HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is the language of web pages. HTML is what web browsers read in order to display a page. HTML defines the structure of the content on the page. For example:

Simple HTML Example

xHTML is a variation on the HTML language and is the one that the website uses, but for our purposes, the terms HTML and xHTML are interchangeable.

In any web browser, you can view the HTML of the page by “Viewing Source”. Most browsers will let you right click on the page, and you can also view source depending on what browser you are using:

  • Firefox: View Menu -> Page Source
  • Safari: View Menu -> View Source
  • Internet Explorer: Page Menu -> View Source
  • Chrome:Right click the page -> view page source

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

While HTML defines the structure, CSS defines the look and feel of the pages. CSS is what defines a particular headline to be blue and centered with an underline, or defines how the header and footer should look. 

Web Browser

We will refer a lot to web browsers (usually just called a “browser”). This is the software we use on our computer to view web pages. Popular web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, but there are many others. While all web browsers should work with the live web site, not all web browsers work well with the CMS system. See Recommended Tools for a list of currently supported web browsers.