Editing Content (The Edit Form Tab)

The Edit Form is where you will do most of the work on editing content for the site. There will be different elements that you can edit on any page depending on what schema the page or component you are working on was created with.

While there are too many different schemas to talk about each individually, there are only a few types of content that you may see on each editor page and of those, only a few you are likely to need to use. The most common ones are listed in this section.

There are also two different mini icons that you will see throughout this section, depending on the element.

Expand or Shrink the element box. Click on this icon to see more information or less. Some editing options will by default be hidden and you will need to click this icon to see them.

Down ArrowUp Arrow

Help: Clicking on this icon will show you some brief instructions about this item.

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Editing Elements