Embedding Vimeo Videos

The code that Vimeo produces for embedding their videos is incorrect for HTML. and there isn't a quick and easy fix. To embed a Vimeo video, follow the instructions on this page:

Missing from the above instructions are two additional steps

  • Add Title to the OBJECT tag.
  • Add Description right before the closing OBJECT tag (after all the PARAM tags) that describes the video (in the same way that you would use an "alt tag" for an image).

The code that you should end up should look similar to this:

Final code for embedding Vimeo videos

Alternatively (and probably preferably), you can look at the source code of this page, and copy this video. All you will need to change is the clip_id number (twice), modify the width and height of the object, and then add an appropriate title and description (replacing the "Video of students..." sentence).

These instructions are for integrated marketing team members. If you would like to include a Vimeo video on your site, please contact one of us and we can set that up for you.