Admin: Setting up and Training CMS users


  1. Set up CMS user for Authors and s-Demo Profile
  2. Send user through CMS training:
  3. Grant User access to their own site(s)

Set up CMS user for Authors and s-Demo Profile

From the tabs on the left of the CMS, select "Administration."

New User Screen Shot

Next, set up the user following this format:

  • User ID: unr\NETID
  • User Name: Last name, First name
  • Email: Ideally address, although this isn't required

Zoom on set up of a new user

Send user through CMS training

The vanity URL links to a playlist on YouTube. These videos are about 38 minutes long and guide users through the basics of CMS training.

The training allows users to get hands on experience in the CMS with a demo site, thus allowing them to learn without breaking anything. Note: Users don't receive access to their site(s) until they have successfully completed the quiz at the end of the videos (located at

Grant user access to their own site(s)

When user submits training quiz, remove demo profile access and grant access to appropriate security groups for their sites.

The training quiz is using a formstack form that automatically notifies whoever we want. If you are handling training and set up for a user, you might want to add your email to the list of people receiving notifications on this form.