How To Create A People Component

This tutorial is designed to help an advanced user create and modify a People Component (formerly known as a Data Faculty/Staff Page). This is important for people who wish to create staff listings of people on the website in an efficient manner. They are called People Components, because we use them to contain many Person components.

  1. Go to Internal Components on the Left Panel

    Accessing the Internal Components
  2. Go to the People Folder

    Accessing the People Folder
  3. Go to People: Your College or Department

    Accessing the People: College Folder
    1. For our example, it would be People: Education
  4. Go to the Parent People Component (Formerly known as Data – Faculty/Staff Page).

    Accessing the Parent Data
    1. For our example, it would be People: Center for Excellence in Disabilities (NCED)
  5. Right click the People Component( Formerly known as Parent Data – Faculty/Staff Page). On the menu, hover over new, and select Component.

    Right clicking parent data to select component.
  6. Give this component a name. In this example, it is called People: ADA.

  7. Give this component a data type. Pick People Component off the menu.

    Picking a data type.
  8. We now need to link this component to the taxonomy. We will pick a category.

    Link the component to the taxonomy.
    1. The Category we will pick for ADA is nested under Organization > Academic Units > Education > Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities (NCED) > ADA

      Picking the taxonomy.
    2. (Note: Only website administrators have the ability to create taxonomies. If one is not made that you need, please contact Marketing and Communications. We control this for security reasons, so we apologize in advance for interrupting your workflow.)
  9. Be sure to give this component a title. This title should reflect what you want your staff to be grouped under. For example, Title: NCED Faculty will ensure that the staff are under a header that says NCED Faculty when a person browses the staff page.

    Give the component a title.
  10. We also have the option to link this back to a folder filled with Campus Display Data (usually called "People") pages, which each link to a Person Component. This is highly recommended if your goal is to show a list of faculty on a page for a department.

  11. In this example, the folder has already been made, so we can simply link to it. For example, this folder is x64147. So make sure to label the start page as the xID of the folder you wish to pick your list of Campus Display Data (usually named "People") pages from. We choose type: children, since we want to display these pages as subcategories under our master page.

    Give the People Component a start page.
  12. If the folder has not already been made, please follow this link to a tutorial on creating Campus Display Data pages.