Creating Campus Display Data Pages

Creating a Campus Display Data Page

This tutorial explains how to create a Campus Display Data page. Campus Display Data pages are fairly versatile and can be used for FAQs, Staff Pages, Person Detail Pages, and many other contexts.

In this context, we will use them for creating People and many Person Pages, if one does not already exist. This is important if you want to create a staff detail page, listing each staff member’s data.

  1. Go to the left sidebar.

    Top left menu on CMS
  2. Scroll up and expand the folder.

  3. Expand Home

    Expand Home
  4. Expand Division. In this example, we will expand Division: College of Education

    Expand Division
  5. Expand the subdivision. In this example, we will expand NCED.

    Expand Subdivision
  6. Create the People Page (of type Campus Display Data). Do this by right clicking on your subdivision (example: NCED). Left click create New Page.

    Create People Page
  7. Give the People Page a title of “People” and give it a data-type “Campus Display Data”.

    Fill out the information on people page fields
  8. Scroll down to the Data Components section. Pick the data component you wish to pull in for your People Page.

    Pick a data component
    1. If you need to create a data component, please refer to the Create a Data Faculty/Staff Page tutorial. When you finish that tutorial, come back to Step 8 Part B on this page.

    2. Ensure that this page has at least one data component. This section must contain all the People components you wish to pull in. In our example, NCED Faculty is one data component containing all of the people we need, so we choose that. You can definitely choose more than one if you wish to display multiple sections. You may want to display, for example, NCED Faculty and ADA Faculty at the same time, so you have that option.

    3. If you need to find a data component, follow the tutorial steps on How to Create a Data – Faculty/Staff Page, to feel for where it is listed for your department. Link the People data component up to your new people page.

  9. Now that we are on the people page, go ahead and create a folder People. There are two benefits to this:

    1. The first is that it allows us to organize our staff pages in a coherent manner.

    2. The second is that we don’t accidentally create a massive breadcrumb link to fifty different staff.

  10. We now will add a person to this folder. Usually, you’ll be adding many persons, so apply the same steps from here onwards for creating more people.

  11. Right click on the folder, choose new, and select page.

    Create a new Page
  12. Create the page with name of format FirstName LastName. For example: Jon Snow. Select type: Campus Display Data.

    Fill out name and select campus display data fields
  13. Now, link it up with a Person component you created earlier. If you have not created a Person component before, please follow this link on how to create them and create all of your person components before creating person pages.

    Link it up with Person Component
  14. Optional: If you would like, you can add detail in the body copy. For example, if you were a Biology department and wanted to highlight your scientist’s new findings which wouldn’t make sense site wide, this would be the place to do it.

    Fill out body copy
  15. Repeat Step 10 to Step 14 if you want to continue to create Person Pages.