Use Descriptive Link Text

When you are faced with a page of links such as this:

When browsing the page with a screen reader, it is very easy to get confused about what each of those links are referring to, as the screen reader will read them all the same. A better solution is this, where you use interesting sentences to get people to read the page:

Additionally, when you are putting in a link in xHTML, you can specify the title of the link, which will provide additional information for the user.

Screenshot of Insert and or Edit link modal

So if you were required to put in "More Information" multiple times on the same page, you could put "More Information About Cats" into the title field of the link editor and that would also solve the accessibility requirement. Note that the title element is only available within the xHTML editor. Putting in a link using the Link Element will always have the page title as the title of the link.