AIChE Student Chapter

Chemical car

Who We Are

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a national professional organization for chemical engineers. Since 1908, it has been one of the greatest resources for both the ChE major and the profession.

The University of Nevada maintains an active AIChE student chapter with students from all years and stages in the ChE curriculum.

Nevada AIChE is completely student-run: it elects its own student officers, plans its own events, and maintains its own budget.

Mission Statement

Nevada AIChE strives to complement the globally oriented curriculum of Nevada's College of Engineering and the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department by:

  • Preparing students to make the most of their bachelor's degrees by introducing the wide range of postgraduate options, from industry to academia
  • Fostering camaraderie and community between different students and different years
  • Encouraging student involvement in on-campus research and industry internships, giving students hands-on work experience and professional development
  • Giving students a view of chemical engineering practices in action through tours of local business and industry sites
  • Building connections with other engineering colleges nationwide by attending national and regional Student Conferences every semester
  • Offering AIChE-exclusive national scholarships and awards to outstanding members

So, why should I join?

  • There's food at the meetings
  • We tour cool places (like the Starbucks Roasting Plant in the beautiful Carson Valley)
  • We go on out-of-state trips to conferences together
  • We network with other AIChE chapters, students, schools, and employers nationwide; membership could help you meet your first employer
  • Involvement in AIChE looks good on your resume, especially if you participate in a leadership position
  • The other students in AIChE can help you understand the chemical engineering curriculum

Meetings and Events

Chapter Meetings

The student chapter holds monthly meetings for all members. These meetings touch on a variety of topics, e.g. professional development, conference planning, and help with curriculum.

Chem-E-Car Development and Competition

The Chem-E-Car team holds meetings that are scheduled throughout the semester by team members. These meetings are dedicated to the design and testing of our originally-designed, chemically-powered vehicle for regional and national competition.

Student Conferences

Nevada AIChE participates in the Annual Student Conference, which involves the Chem-E-Car competition, paper/poster research presentations, development workshops, and a national career and graduate school fair.

Engineer's Week

AIChE also participates in Engineer's Week, a university-wide celebration of all things engineering. We collaborate with the college and the other clubs in a concerted effort to spark interest in engineering on campus.

Tours and Outings

We organize and offer tours of companies using large-scale chemical engineering processes, to educate members in real-world applications of their coursework and give them a taste of the possibilities in store for them as engineers. We have several of these tours in the works for the upcoming year.

How can I get involved?

Membership in AIChE is open to students in a chemical engineering major. To get involved with AIChE, stop by at one of our monthly meetings or ask a member about upcoming events.