Renewable Energy

Materials in the biofuels laboratory

Our department offers a wide range of research opportunities in renewable energy research, with faculty working in areas such as solar power, biomass, biofuels and energy storage.

Ongoing research in the department includes a project to transform wastewater sludge into energy, research into new catalytic conversion materials and processes to produce eco-friendly fuels and chemicals, and the development of new materials for solar energy conversion.

Labs and Equipment

Biofuels Laboratory

Solar Lab

  • Primary contact: Ravi Subramanian
  • Major focus: Screening and optimizing materials for light-activated reactions with applications in photovoltaics, environmental cleanup, green fuel synthesis, light-mediated biological processes and CO2 control

Solar and Hydrogen Laboratory

  • Primary contact: Dev Chidambaram
  • Major focus: Hydrogen generation from water utilizing sunlight