Modeling and Simulation

faculty in the modeling and simulation group

The work of the modeling and simulation research group applies computational methods and mathematical insights to chemical engineering and materials science.

Our current research in modeling and simulation focuses on applications related to renewable energy projects, nanotechnology and lightweight metals.

Labs and Equipment

Chemical Engineering Modeling and Simulation

  • Primary contact: Victor Vasquez
  • Major focus: Use of computational methods and applied mathematics on chemical engineering thermodynamics applied to both microscopic and macroscopic systems and the study of properties of new materials and systems.

Materials Modeling and Simulation

  • Primary contacts: Dhanesh Chandra and Jeffrey LaCombe
  • Major focus: Use of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) methods on problems in materials thermodynamics, diffusion, and microstructural evolution, applied to metals, alloys, ceramics, and other materials of interest. Computational tools in use include Thermo Calc, Dictra, FactSage, COMSOL Multiphysics, and other customized or general-purpose packages (MatLab, etc.).