Advanced Materials

An advanced materials lab

Advanced materials research at the University of Nevada, Reno is a broad field, with faculty pursuing research in areas such as nanoporous materials, corrosion science, electrochemistry and energy storage.

Recent research in the department has included the development of a new, environmentally friendly coating for aluminum and research into the applications of magnesium-based nanoporous materials.

Labs and Equipment

Materials Processing Laboratory

  • Primary contact: Jeffrey LaCombe
  • Major focus: Casting, solidification, crystal growth, diffusion and phase evolution processes, microstructural evolution and stability. Physical metallurgy of (primarily) metals, alloys, and ceramics.

Nuclear Materials Laboratory

  • Primary contact: Dev Chidambaram
  • Major focus: Reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels and development of materials for nuclear reactors

X-ray Diffraction Facility

  • Primary contact: Dhanesh Chandra
  • Major focus: Low and high temperature x-ray diffraction