Yufeng Zheng

Assistant Professor and Director of the Electron Microscopy Core Share Facility
Yufeng Zheng

Prospective graduate students

Prof. Yufeng Zheng’s research group is seeking motivated graduate and undergraduate students, who are interested in novel metallic materials design (titanium alloys, high entropy alloys and superalloys), additive manufacturing (LENS), advanced characterization (electron microscopy and atom probe tomography), phase transformation and deformation mechanisms in metals.

Prospective applicants should have a degree in materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry and related fields. Applicants with knowledge and experience in physical metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, advanced manufacturing and microstructure characterization are highly encouraged to apply. Outstanding visiting scholars and students are also welcome. Please contact Prof. Yufeng Zheng at yufengz@unr.edu including an up-to-date CV and transcript.    

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Research interests

  • Processing-structure-property relationships in metals
  • Advanced electron microscopy
  • Additive manufacturing of metals
  • Novel alloys design
  • ICME & MGI
  • Solid-solid state phase transformation mechanisms

Courses Taught

  • MSE 415/615 Materials Characterization
  • MSE 417/617 Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • MSE 420/620 Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloys
  • MSE 460/703 Physical Metallurgy
  • MSE 710 Electron Microscopy

Selected Publications

Published more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conference proceedings. 
Citations: 2001 (Google Scholar, 05/2022), h-index: 24, i10-index: 33 (* as corresponding author; + student supervised)

  1. Al Amin, Dian Li+, Xiaomeng Duan, N. Vijayaraghavan, Harigovind G. Menon, Jacob Wall, Mark Weaver, Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng, Yufeng Zheng, Lin Li, Feng Yan, Enhanced Efficiency and Stability in Sb2S3 Seed Layer Buffered Sb2Se3 Solar Cells, Advanced Materials Interfaces, (2022), DOI: 10.1002/admi.202200547
  1. Qianglong Liang, Shuangshuang Zhao, Chuanxin Liang, Tengfei Zhao, Dong Wang, Xiangdong Ding, Shilei Li, Yandong Wang, Yufeng Zheng, Xiaobing Ren, Michael Mills, Yunzhi Wang, Strain States and Unique Properties in Cold-Rolled TiNi Shape Memory Alloys, Acta Materialia, 231 (2022) 117890, DOI: 1016/j.actamat.2022.117890
  1. Shuangshuang Zhao, Qianglong Liang, Dong Wang, Yuanchao Ji, Yu Wang, Yufeng Zheng*, Xiangdong Ding, Michael Mills, Xiaobing Ren, Yunzhi Wang, Quasi-linear Superelasticity with Ultralow Modulus in Tensile Cyclic Deformed NiTi Strain Glass, Advanced Engineering Materials, (2022):2200239. DOI: 1002/adem.202200239
  1. Rongpei Shi, Dian Li+, Stoichko Antonov, Xingjun Liu, Yufeng Zheng*, Origin of Morphological Variation of Grain Boundary Precipitates in Titanium Alloys, Scripta Materialia, 214 (2022) 114651, DOI: 1016/j.scriptamat.2022.114651
  1. Yufeng Zheng, Rajarshi Banerjee, Yunzhi Wang, Hamish L. Fraser, Dipankar Banerjee, Pathways to Titanium Martensite, Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, (2022), DOI: 1007/s12666-022-02559-9
  1. Al Amin, Liping Guo, S.N. Vijayaraghavan, Dian Li+, Xiaomeng Duan, Harigovind G. Menon, Jacob Wall, Subhadra Gupta, Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng, Yufeng Zheng, Lin Li, Feng Yan, Solution-Processed Vanadium Oxides as a Hole-Transport Layer for Sb2Se3 Thin-Film Solar Cells, Solar Energy, 231 (2022) 1-7, DOI: 1016/j.solener.2021.11.009
  1. Prithiv T. Sukumar, Zachary Kloenne, Dian Li+, Rongpei Shi, Yufeng Zheng, Hamish L. Fraser, Baptiste Gault, Stoichko Antonov, Grain Boundary Segregation and Its Implications regarding the Formation of the Grain Boundary α Phase in the Metastable β-Titanium Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr Alloy, Scripta Materialia, 207 (2022) 114320, DOI: 1016/j.scriptamat.2021.114320
  1. Yalong Wang, Mengyuan Hao, Dian Li+, Pei Li, Qianglong Liang, Dong Wang, Yufeng Zheng*, Qiaoyan Sun, Yunzhi Wang, Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr-1Zr by Bimodal Lamellar Precipitate Microstructures via Two-step Aging, Materials Science & Engineering: A, 829 (2022) 142117, DOI:1016/j.msea.2021.142117
  1. N. Vijayaraghavan, Jacob Wall, Harigovind G. Menon, Xiaomeng Duan, Liping Guo, Al Amin, Xiao Han, Linyan Kong, Yufeng Zheng, Lin Li, Feng Yan, Interfacial Engineering with NiOx Nanofibers as Hole Transport Layer for Carbon-based Perovskite Solar Cells, Solar Energy, 230 (2021) 591-597, DOI: 10.1016/j.solener.2021.10.039
  1. Dian Li+, Xing Zhang, Wenrui Zhao+, Darlene Merrill+, Noah Myer+, Stoichko Antonov, Yiliang Liao, Yufeng Zheng*, The Role of High-Index Twinning on Hierarchical α Microstructure in Metastable β-Titanium Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr Alloy, JOM 73 (2021) 2303-2311, DOI: 1007/s11837-021-04757-0
  1. Rongpei Shi, Yipeng Gao, Dian Li+, Wenrui Zhao+, Yufeng Zheng*, Recent Advances in the Design of Novel β-Titanium Alloys using Computational Simulation and Advanced Characterization, Advanced Engineering Materials, DOI:1002/adem.202100152 (Invited Review)
  1. Xing Zhang, Dian Li+, Yiliang Liao, Yufeng Zheng*, Three-dimensional Characterization of Selective Laser Melted Graphene Oxide-Reinforced Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb Alloy, JOM (2021), DOI: 1007/s11837-021-04666-2
  1. Kaka Ma, Yufeng Zheng*, Sriswaroop Dasari, Dalong Zhang, Hamish L. Fraser, Rajarshi Banerjee, Precipitation in Nanostructured Metals: a Review, MRS Bulletin (2021), DOI:1557/s43577-021-00066-8
  1. Abhishek Sharma, Vishal Soni, Sriswaroop Dasari, Srinivas Mantri, Yufeng Zheng, Hamish L. Fraser, Rajarshi Banerjee, Fine Scale α Precipitation in Ti-19at%V in the Absence of Influence from ω Precipitates, Scripta Materialia, 196 (2021) 113766
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