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University of Nevada, Reno Theatre is rated in the top 10 list of most underrated College Theatre Programs for 2017 in the Western Region by Onstage. See the full article here...


While Las Vegas get a majority of attention when looking at Nevada, the theatre program at U of N, Reno should not be ignored. They offer a B.A in Theatre along with a minor in both Theatre and Dance. They have some fantastic facilities as well, including the Redfield Proscenium Theatre which seats over 200. They feature a nice diverse season of shows through their performance wing, the Nevada Repertory Company. In the past couple of years they've performed shows such as Eurydice, The Music Man, Superior Donuts and A Christmas Carol: The Musical. 


11/18/2016 | By: Hannah Richardson |


The University of Nevada, Reno has recently approved new programs for students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in dance, doctorate degrees in mathematics, as well as statistics and data science, or an online master's degree in public health. Listed below are the new programs available at the University, with enrollment available within the year.


B.A. in Dance

The University's Department of Theatre and Dance will soon offer a bachelor's of arts degree in dance that will be available for enrollment in fall 2017. According to Cari Cunningham, associate professor of dance, the new program will offer students a rigorous balance of theory and practice. The department faculty will be training a new generation of dance artists through courses in dance technique, choreography, history and production.

Two dancers posing"The opportunity to create choreographic work and see it come to life on stage has always been very rewarding for students in our program, and this experience is built into the degree," Cunningham said. "It can also be very revelatory for students who have trained for a number of years in the physical practice of dance before coming to the University to see how varied the field of dance truly is and to explore the different career tracks one could pursue with a degree in dance."

Students who obtain a degree in dance have professional career opportunities that vary from performing to arts administration and teaching to industry. Cunningham also said that the skill set of a dance major is applicable to careers outside the field of dance. She said qualities such as creativity, interpersonal skills and collaboration; leadership abilities, flexibility, drive and passion; focus and networking skills transfer to other careers. The University literally prepares students to "think on their feet," she said.

Cunningham anticipates that a web page with dance degree requirements will be available online by summer 2017. Until then, she encourages students who are interested in the dance major to schedule an appointment to review the requirements at any time.