Susan Pfeffer

Assistant Professor
Church Fine Arts 144


Susan Pfeffer received her Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and her Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. Susan is a physical theatre actor, devised performance creator and Alexander Technique teacher. Her performance work is structured in collage form and rooted in the tradition of contemplative arts. She holds a certification in the Alexander Technique from the American Society for the Alexander Technique and the American Center for the Alexander Technique. She has taught at Anyang University, Dankook University, New World School of the Arts, Florida International University, University of Miami, Naples Philharmonic and many other schools and organizations.

Susan is currently working cross country with SMS in Chicago, cross continental with Home Soil Theatre in Seoul and has previously collaborated on performances in Seoul, Boulder, Miami and New York. She has been seen on Mtv Latin America, The Today Show, The Travel Channel and Spy Myungwol.