Department of Theatre & Dance

Redfield Proscenium Theatre | Redfield Studio Theatre
Dance: Lombardi Recreation Building | Nightingale Concert Hall

Theatre Spaces
The theatre department and its performances spaces are located within the Church Fine Arts building, which is also home to the art, music, and dance.

Redfield Proscenium Theatre
Proscenium Opening
Height 17’-11 ¾”
Width 29’-10½”
Selected Measurements
Proscenium to US wall 33’-0½”
Stage Floor to Grid 51’-0⅜”
Trap room to Stage Floor 12’-6⅜”

The stage is constructed of soft wood covered with ¼” Massonite, painted black, and may be screwed into. The loading bay door (8’-8” wide X 13’-10” high) is against the up-stage-right wall of the theatre. There are nine traps in the stage. The size of each trap varies; see AutoCAD file for exact dimensions. If you want to use a trap, arrangements need to be made in advance.

The house features 260 seats in continental arrangement with several removable seats for wheelchair access.

The door up-stage left exits to a hallway adjacent to the studio theatre. The staircase in this hallway gives you access to the green room and dressing rooms. This hallway may be used as a crossover. The door stage right exits to a stairway down-stage that leads to the green room and dressing rooms. The door down-stage left exits to the theatre building hallway.

Proscenium Theatre Equipment
Lighting Equipment
ETC Emphasis/Expression 3 light board.
ETC Sensor+, 140 dimmers
Sound Equipment
Midas Venice 32 channel sound board.
Two Tascam MD 350 mini disk players.
One Tascam CDRW-200 CD player.
Crown DC-300 amplifiers, 1 each for house speakers and stage speakers.
Two Bose 802 house speakers, 1 each stage-left & stage-right.
Two Bose 402 backstage, 1 each stage-left & stage-right.

Three clear com stations in the control booth.
Two clear com stations backstage, 1 each stage-left & stage-right.
Two clear com stations in the spotlight positions.

Redfield Studio Theatre
Selected Measurements
Down-stage wall to up-stage wall 48’-7½”
Stage-left wall to stage-right wall 49’-9”
Stage floor to grid 22’-0”
Stage floor to catwalks 15’-0”

The stage is constructed of soft wood covered with ¼” Massonite, painted black, and may be screwed into. The two loading doors (9’-0” wide X 12’-6” high) are against the up-stage wall of the theatre, one stage-left and one stage-right, and exit into the scene shop. The stage left, stage-right and down-stage walls of the theatre have black or blue velour drapes hung from curtain track. The upstage wall has a black or blue blackout drape on a traveler track that opens at center and hangs the full height of the theatre from grid to floor. There is a pipe up-stage of the blackout curtain to hang a drop, cyclorama or scrim. House
The house is variable seating, but is typically set up in ¾ stage which has 162 seats. This seating is seen in the ground plan to the left. Other seating configurations are available with prior notice, but the seating must be returned to ¾ stage at strike.

Audience risers are a prefabricated aluminum riser system. Each riser is 1 meter X 2 meters with adjustable height of 8”, 16”, 24”, 32”, 40” and are stackable. Each riser locks together with a formed aluminum insert. Railing can be bolted to the outside of any riser. There are 61 risers and 250 seats.

Lombardi Recreation Building
Dance technique courses are held in one of two studio spaces in Lombardi Recreation Building. The smaller of the two spaces, Multipurpose Room 7 features ballet barres, Marley floors, and mirrors on three sides of the room. The larger space, 224B, is shared with other physical education courses and drop-in classes through Campus Recreation and Wellness. It has hard wood flooring and mirrors on two sides of the space.

Students who wish to take advantage of the pool, gym, locker rooms, drop-in classes, and other recreational facilities should consider purchasing a membership to Lombardi Recreation Center. More information can be found at the Campus Recreation and Wellness website.

Nightingale Concert Hall
The annual Fall Dance Festival and Spring Dance Concert will sometimes take place in Nightingale Concert Hall. Nightingale Concert Hall is a 615-seat concert auditorium constructed in 1987 and located in J.E. Church Fine Arts Building. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the Music Department, the hall is renowned for its state-of-the-art acoustics. In 2006 the Dance Program received a significant grant from the E.L. Weigand foundation to add to the existing lighting instruments used in Nightingale for dance productions.