Department of Theatre & Dance


Theatre and dance have a long tradition of excellence at the University of Nevada, Reno. Since the 2010 integration of our two disciplines into a single unit—the Department of Theatre and Dance—our two areas have grown stronger in the richness and synergy of our collaborations in the classroom, in production work, and through excellent creative and scholarly work. We are a group of scholars and artists who have significant professional experience and who possess a strong desire to engage and impact the world around us.


Theatre and Dance students may select one of three distinct—but connected—major courses of study. For students interested in acting, we offer the Theatre BA – Acting Specialization. Coursework in this area includes voice and speech, movement, Shakespeare and heightened text, and method-based training. Students who want to focus on backstage and technical work may select the Theatre BA – Design/Tech Specialization, and choose from courses in lighting, costume, and scenic design and a selection of courses focusing on scene painting, stage management, automated lighting, and design aesthetics. Students may also choose to major in Dance, completing coursework in modern, ballet, jazz, choreography, dance history, and criticism.


Each of these areas is firmly grounded by coursework in the history of the discipline, preparation for entry into the profession and graduate studies, and rigorous production assignments. Minors available in each discipline require similar participation in production work and engagement in the classroom.


The Department mounts three to four full-length plays and/or musicals and two dance productions each season. Students are engaged as performers, designers, technicians, stage managers, carpenters, and costume shop personnel throughout and in support of each production.


The collaboration between and within each Division continues to be essential to us, and I invite you to contact any of our talented faculty should you have questions about joining our group of engaged collaborators.