Chemistry Seminars

Chemistry Seminars are open to all members of the UNR community eager to learn about the latest topics in contemporary chemistry research. They are hosted in SLH 3 unless otherwise noted. 

Talk TitleNameOrganizationDate
Fall 2016
‘Nonadiabatic Spin-Forbidden Kinteics and Dynamics: Application to Metal-Sulfur Proteins" Sergey Varganov University of Nevada Reno September 2
"C-H activation exploring molecular nanocarbons and biology" Ken Itami Nagoya University September 9
"Graphene to Nanomachines" James Tour Dow Pharmaceuticals September 16
"Some curious cross-couplings with vinylic chlorides" Philip Hultin University of Manitoba September 23
"Indenoflourenes and Ring-Expanded Anaglogues: From Quinoidal Electron-Accepting Materials to Stable Organic Biradicals" Michael Haley Harvard University September 30
"Cats but not Rats? Hominids but not Hamsters? A Study into the Molecular Mechanism of Type 2 Diabetes Using 2D IR Spectroscopy" (Distinguished Physical Chemistry Lecture) Martin Zanni University of Wisconsin-Madison October 6
"Energy transfer in semiconducting carbon nanotube photovoltaics studied with 2d White-light Spectroscopy" (Distinguished Physical Chemistry Lecture) Martin Zanni University of Wisconsin-Madison October 7
"Computational Chemistry in Nano, Environment, and Energy Sciences" Sara Mason University of Iowa October 14
"Interesting Chemistry with Small Molecule Heterocycles" Michael Huggins University of West Florida October 20
"Unlocking the Mysteries of Amyloid Diseases with Macrocyclic beta-Sheet Peptides" James Nowick UC Irvine October 21
"Conical Intersections and Non-Radiative Recombination in Nanomaterials" Benjamin Levine Michigan State University November 18
"Expanding the Language of Bacterial Communications using Synthetic Ligands" Helen Blackwell University of Wisconsin- Madison December 9
Spring 2017
TBD Laina Geary University of Nevada, Reno January 20
TBD Philip Dawson The Scripps Research Institute January 27
TBD Yftah Tal Gan University of Nevada, Reno February 3
TBD Michael Krische Univeristy of Texas, Austin March 3
TBD John Anthony University of Kentucky March 10
TBD Eszter Borbas Uppsala University April 7
TBD Hannah Shafaat The Ohio State University May 5