Chemistry Seminars

Chemistry Seminars are open to all members of the UNR community eager to learn about the latest topics in contemporary chemistry research.

They are hosted in SLH 3 at 4pm  unless otherwise noted. 

Talk TitleNameOrganizationDate
Fall 2017
"Alkyne annulations: A toolkit for accessing chemical diversity from terpendoids to conjugated materials" Wesley Chalifoux University of Nevada Reno September 8
"Actinides surprise again: Novel structures and unusual reactivity from thorium and uranium complexes in amine borane dehydrogenation chemistry" Karla Erickson  Los Alamos Nat. Labs September 15
"Optically Switching Charge and Energy Transfer Processes: Molecules to Devices" Natalie Frank University of Victoria September 22
"Accurate ab initio thermochemistry: is kcal/mol accuracy achievable for molecules containing heavy elements" Kirk Peterson Washington State Univ September 29  SLH03 14 4PM
"Opportunities for Quantum Sensors based on Superfluid Helium" Keith Schwab Cal Tech October 6  SLH3    4:00 PM
Alex Wei Alex Wei Purdue Univ Canceled
Piotr Piecuch Piotr Piecuch Michigan State Univ October 20 SLH03 PM
Igor Rubstov Igor Rubstov Tulane Univ November 3 SLH03 4PM
David Britt David Britt UC Davis November 17  SLH03  4PM
Scott Daly Scott Daly  University of Iowa December 1 SLH03 4PM
Greg Engel Greg Engel University of Chicago December 8  SLH03 4PM
Spring 2018
TBD TBD January 9
TBD TBD January 26
TBD TBD February 2
TBD TBD March 2
TBD TBD March 9
TBD TBD April 6