Vsevolod Dergachev posing for a photo against a white iron fence.

Vsevolod Dergachev

Ph.D. student


  • Bachelor's degree of engineering and technology in System Analysis and Control, Siberian State Aerospace University, 2013
  • Master's degree of System Analysis of Data and Decision-Making Model, Siberian State Aerospace University, 2015

Research interests

  • Development of nonadiabatic statistical theory for modeling kinetics of spin-forbidden chemical reactions
  • Development of first-principles theoretical models of spin coherence properties of alkali-metal atoms trapped in solid matrices of diamagnetic materials.
  • The former (B.S. and M.S.) research interests include development of methods of multivariate data analysis based on algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.

Vsevolod Dergachev's Google Scholar profile

Professional certifications

  • Diploma of Bachelor degree with honors #08904 by decision of the State attestation board, Siberian State Aerospace University, Russian Federation, July 2013.
  • International Computer Engineering/Science Program (ICEP) Certificate, Hochschule Ulm (Ulm University of Applied Sciences), Germany, July 2014.
  • Diploma of Master degree #102404 0000208, Siberian State Aerospace University, Russian Federation, July 2015