Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

Details of the credit requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Chemistry are given below. Further details about degree requirements, including general requirements of the Graduate School, may be found in the most recent General and Graduate Catalogs of the University of Nevada, Reno, and in the Chemistry Department Graduate Student Guidelines, which always supersede the information given here.

Note: This material is for information only. Consult the General Catalog of the University of Nevada, Reno, for official program descriptions.

Credit Requirements

The general requirements of the Graduate School must be satisfied by all candidates for the Ph.D. degree with a major in chemistry. The minimum credit requirements are:

  • Core chemistry courses (2 from CHEM 631, CHEM 642, or CHEM 650) 6*
  • Other required courses 15**
  • Electives 22***
  • Graduate Seminar I (CHEM 789) 1
  • Graduate Seminar II (CHEM 790) 2
  • Dissertation (CHEM 799) 24
  • Teaching College Chemistry (CHEM 700) 1
  • Comprehensive Exam (CHEM 795) 1

Total required credits 72

* Students who demonstrate proficiency on the qualifying exam in an area of chemistry may be exempted from taking the corresponding core course; electives will be substituted.

** Required courses are 600- or 700-level formal classroom or laboratory courses approved by the student's advisory committee.

*** Electives may include up to 12 credits of Independent Studies (CHEM 793) and up to 8 credits of Colloquium (CHEM 794). Electives for the Ph.D. may also include up to 14 credits of Dissertation (CHEM 799) in addition to the 24 required credits of Dissertation.

Further Information