College of Education Spring 2020 Celebration

Congratulations to the College of Education Class of 2020!

You are at the finish line and you have accomplished so much during your time in the College of Education. We believe that graduates of the College of Education are unique in that, regardless of your chosen area of practice, all of you have the opportunity to enrich the young lives of those around you. As you embark on enhanced professional careers, we ask that you always remember why you chose the noble decision to become an educator, counselor, or an early childhood expert.

Lastly, we ask that you never forget the experiences you had, the friends you made, and the professors who influenced you to strive for the best. We will never forget you and we wish you the best in your journey. Congratulations!

Every graduate has a unique story.

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By the Numbers

Bachelor's Degrees: 161

Master's Degrees: 87

Doctorate Degrees: 13

Cum Laude: 8

Magna Cum Laude: 4

Summa Cum Laude: 1