David McCallen

Professor and Director of Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research
David McCallen

Dr. McCallen previously worked for the University of California (UC) in a number of positions related to the UC National Laboratories at Lawrence Livermore Lab and Lawrence Berkeley Lab. His career started in the Structural and Applied Mechanics Group at Livermore where he developed computational software and performed advanced simulations on a number of structures. His responsibilities eventually extended to leadership of major programs including Engineering Division Leader for the National Ignition Facility, Nuclear Systems Program Leader and Deputy Principal Associate Director for Global Security. Most recently, Dr. McCallen held the position of Associate Vice President for National Laboratories in the University of California Office of the President.

Dr. McCallen has continued an active research agenda throughout his career and is currently the Principal Investigator for two large DOE-funded projects on advanced simulation development.

He has served on many senior-level committees, including the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Advisory Board, the American Association for Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology Board of Directors and as the United States Co-Chair of the U.S.- Japan Modeling and Simulation Working Group in support of the bilateral U.S.- Japan agreement on nuclear energy.

Dr. McCallen has received Distinguished Engineering Alumni awards from both UC Davis and the California State University.

  • Ph.D., Engineering, University of California, Davis 1986
  • M.S, Civil Engineering, University of California, Davis, 1982
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, California State University, Chico, 1979

Research interests

Dr. McCallen's research interests include computational model development for the evaluation of the nonlinear response of structural and soil systems to extreme loads and the dynamic response of solids and structures with applications to transportation, energy and nuclear infrastructure systems. Additionally, he has recently worked on advanced sensor development for infrastructure instrumentation and the exploitation of emerging web and communication technologies.

Selected publications

  • D. McCallen, F. Petrone (2019), An Optical Technique for Measuring Transient and Residual Interstory Drift as Seismic Structural Health Monitoring (S2HM) Observables, Springer Book on Seismic Structural Health Monitoring (in press).
  • F. Petrone, D. McCallen, I. Buckle, S. Wu (2018), Direct Measurement of Building Transient and Residual Drift Using an Optical Sensor System, Engineering Structures, Vol. 176, pages 115-126.
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