Silver Core

CCID was named for its focus on CO1: Effective Compositions and Communication and designed to help departments develop and articulate the CO1 pathway through each major. CO1 is "built" in Core Writing (ENG 102). CCID then works to support departments in "developing" and "integrating" CO1 (through CO13 courses) from there. CCID also works to support departments in preparing students for the communications practices required after graduation, whether that be in the workplace or graduate school. We take very seriously President Johnson's charge that, "quality writing credentials become a hallmark of the University of Nevada, Reno graduate."

Silver Core information

Here are links to relevant information about the Silver Core as it relates to CCID:

  • Read how The Silver Core is laid out in full.
  • CO1: Effective Composition and Communication is the Core Objective most directly relevant to CCID. New language for CO1 is forthcoming, along with detailed information about how CO1 "develops" courses.
  • CO13: Integration & Synthesis is also where CO1 is "integrated" with other disciplinary learning within the major.
  • Curriculum maps (right column, under "Silver Core Curriculum") were developed very early on in the implementation of the Silver Core. Most of these are no longer current, but they do give some sense of where departments were starting from in their thinking about implementation of the Silver Core.


CCID also works frequently with the Office of University Assessment by consulting with departments on Silver Core and student learning assessment that uses student writing as data or assesses student writing itself. This work can include assessing assignment design, student performance, or programmatic outcomes. CCID also provides support for assessment committees, training readers/raters, designing assessment tools, and/or developing assessment resources. If you need help with assessing writing, we can help. Just email CCID to get started.