Report No.: CCEER-08-4

Title: Long Term Bridge Performance Monitoring Assessment & Management Proceedings from FHWA/NSF Workshop on Future Directions

Authors: M. "Saiid" Saiidi, Hamid Gasemi and John Hook

Date: September 2008

Sponsoring Agency: FHWA/NSF

Performing Organization:
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering/0258
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557


In January 2007 an international workshop of experts in bridge performance monitoring was held in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss the Long-Term Bridge Performance program initiated by the Federal Highway Administration and to develop a thoughtful and practical action plan that would maximize the return from the LTBP program in several key critical areas. Following The workshop began with a series of presentations to provide different perspectives on long-term performance monitoring from different countries. The presentations were designed to focus the efforts of the participant groups in helping the LTBP program managers formulate the future direction and activities of long term bridge performance program. Specifically, the participant groups were asked to identify and define the key issues and actions related to:

  1. Developing a sample of bridges to monitor
  2. Defining data needs and data collection protocols
  3. Identifying the short term and long term deliverables from the LTBP program.

This report summarizes the workshop program, oral presentations, composition of breakout groups, and their recommendations for each focus area.