Report No.: CCEER-98-2

Title: Liquefication and Undrained response evaluation of Sands from Drained Formulation

Authors: Mohamed Ashour and Gary Norris

Date: May 1998

A Report to the:

Army Corps of Engineers
Waterways Experiment Station

Performing Organization:
Department of Civil Engineering/258
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557


A general approach has been established to assess the undrained stress-strain curve and effective stress path under monotonic loading from drained triaxial tests. Appropriate formulation of drained and drained rebounded (i.e. over consolidated) triaxial test response is developed that, in turn, allows the assessment of developing liquefaction and the undrained behavior of saturated sands. The formulation presented is based upon reported experimental drained test results that were obtained from different investigators using different testing techniques. This formulation is a function of the confining pressure and basic properties of the sand such as relative density, uniformity coefficient, and particle shape (roundness), which can be obtained from visual inspection. The approach is verified by comparing predicted and reported (observed) undrained behavior. The developed formulas allow one to predict the potential of sand to liquefy, the type of liquefaction, the peak and residual strength values, as well as the whole undrained stress-strain curve and effective stress path. The simplicity of this approach makes it an attractive general method to characterize the undrained behavior of sands in a preliminary analysis with no need to run sophisticated experimental tests (Abstract by authors).