Report No.: CCEER-85-1

Title: Laterally Loaded Pile Response: Studies with the Strain Wedge Model

Authors: Gary Norris and Pirouze Abdollaholiae

Performing Organization:
Department of Civil Engineering/258
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557


Parametric studies were undertaken with the recently proposed strain wedge model to assess the laterally loaded response of a long pile in uniform sand with the groundwater table at either the soil surface or at significant depth. The theoretical variation in subgrade modulus with changes in soil and pile properties was assessed over the full range in soil strain (or pile deflection), including the small to intermediate range (seismic response range) for which there are no previous recommendations or proposed values upon which to rely. The strain wedge model was also used to assess subgrade modulus values in the working load range for comparison with Terzaqhi's recommendations, and to assess p-y- curves to compare with the API curves.

Strain wedge model response relative to a more complex subgrade modulus profile corresponding to the Arkansas River field tests required the simultaneous use of a beam-springs program. Comparison of strain wedge model predicted and observed response relative to these field tests proved to be quite good. In addition, the beam-springs program was used to assess beam on elastic foundation solutions for more complex two layer variations for possible use in strain wedge model formulation in future (Summary by authors).