Report No.: CCEER-84-4

Title: A National Bridge Engineering Laboratory "A Proposed Plan"

Authors: Bruce Douglas

Performing Organization:
Department of Civil Engineering/258
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557


This report has been prepared for the National Science Foundation and other interested agencies to call their attention to the urgent national need to upgrade the bridge systems throughout the country to resist earthquakes and other natural forces.

The report presents a plan for the establishment of a National Bridge Engineering Laboratory with facilities and equipment to conduct seismic engineering experiments, develop analytical and design procedures, and provide the foundation for a graduate education program and training center.

This plan was motivated by the deterioration, structural obsolescence, and deficiencies of the existing bridges in the United States. The participating bridge engineering professionals, drawn from private practice, academia, and state and federal organizations, recognized that urgent measures are required to mitigate potential disaster from impending earthquakes and other natural forces which occur throughout the country (Foreword by author).