Pack Internship Grant Program showcase

The Pack Internship Grant Program is an annual internship program that is co-sponsored by the Nevada Career Studio and the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN).

2021 Pack Internship Grant Program details

  • Addi Quintillano | University of Nevada, Reno Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering

    "Of the six tasks I completed, three were specialized separation methods. I worked in a team of three and substantially assisted with tasks. This included grinding, size classification with cyclone, and magnetic separation using Davis tube. I enjoyed working on a multi-faceted project that was fast paced enough that notable results could be observed."

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  • Alexandra Love | Sierra Arts Foundation

    "As the Programming Administration Intern for Sierra Arts Foundation, I assisted the Programming Director with many tasks to gain insight into the inner workings of a non-profit organization."

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  • Alyssa Ferrer | Disruptor Scientific

    "The career field explored in this internship was chemistry/research and development. After my internship experience, I have a greater appreciation for the process of developing new products, especially when there is limited information available on how to achieve the desired outcome."

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  • Anna Woods | English Language Learners In-Home Program

    "My primary responsibilities consisted of community outreach and research. For my outreach tasks, I reached out to businesses and organizations to recruit students and tutors. My research responsibilities consisted of grant research, studying similar organizations and participating in webinars on behalf of English Language Learners In-Home Program."

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  • Ashlyn Osendorf | College of Business

    "I loved that I was able to complete my internship remotely, which allowed me to work around my school schedule. I most enjoyed getting to research the issue of inequity in higher education. I learned about specific barriers, solutions, and organizations in order to better understand the issue and what our program could do to be more inclusive."

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  • Brianna Konz | English Language Learners In-Home Program

    "At English Language Learners In-Home Program, I learned a lot about business communications and how non-profits work at the core level. I have been involved with non-profits before but had never seen how “behind-the-scenes” efforts were conducted. Getting to see how much work and dedication those involved at the core of a non-profits have and their drive to help others was truly inspiring and gave me even more appreciation for anyone in non-profit work. "

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  • Brock Patchin | Northern Nevada Math Club Inc.

    "As the Mathematics Intern at Northern Nevada Math Club, my primary responsibilities were to write math contest questions for NNVMath’s monthly “Math Rocks!” contest for grades 1-12 and to help facilitate the weekly Competition Team practices for grades 6-8 and 9-12. More broadly, my job centered around developing Northern Nevada Math Club's competition team to be successful."

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  • Caelin De Sa | Keystone Canyon Press

    "Of all the things I worked on through my internship, working on manuscripts was my favorite part. Editorial has always appealed to me, but actually being able to help authors fully realize their work has been a very special experience."

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  • Carla Hernandez | JUSTin Hope Foundation

    "At JUSTinHOPE. I did social media marketing and aided in community outreach with the Washoe County School District, local businesses, and other interested organizations, helped with all the events, workshops, and support groups that the foundation hosts monthly, did initial research for grants and program development, and served as the notetaker for all committee meetings and Board of Director meetings." 

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  • Catherine Schofield | Downtown Reno Partnership

    "I worked as a Community Development Intern at the Downtown Reno Partnership, which integrated marketing, economic development, data gathering and analysis, and social media management. This internship taught me more about what goes into marketing and how it’s related to more traditional journalistic fields."

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  • Charles Dunn | Crisis Support Services of Nevada

    "The most positive aspect of my internship was my work environment, I had amazing supervisors and the staff was very warm welcoming, friendly, and supportive. The biggest thing I learned here was coding in SQL and Microsoft VBA. I also had a better understanding on how coding translate over to the real world."

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  • Chester Kazmierski | Nevada Career Studio

    "During the internship I worked a lot with Microsoft Excel and I know a lot of jobs in the real world use excel to organize and do calculations with. Getting a better understanding for excel was a great skill I have learned more on. Overall, with the internship I had worked a great deal with the other intern and in doing so have worked largely on communicating and working with others."

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  • Cole Celeste | PBS Reno

    "I was exploring PBS as a corporation, and how it fits into the news and media field. This internship gave me some very good insight. This internship has increased my interest in the field, and has made me want to pursue something along these lines. As this internship comes to an end I am very interested in continuing with PBS."

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  • Desiree Bounds | Girls on the Run Sierras

    "I learned so much from this experience. I learned the inner workings of a nonprofit, how to make and build connections, gained better skill in creating content, and overall became more confident working in this field. Another positive aspect my internship was the connection I built with my supervisor, Joy. I learned so much from her and appreciate everything she did to help me grow and learn in this position."

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  • Dustyn Van Vooren | HIDEit Mounts

    "I love the team that I worked with. Everyone is so positive and helpful. It is the most collaborative team I have ever worked with. I learned important skills about business communication with China. I learned many valuable skills for product research and development."

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  • Dylan Rusley | Recyclist

    "My internship with Recyclist has helped me learn and grow my interest in sustainability and recycling. I learned that all cities should be focusing on ways to become greener and more renewable. An important part of this is for a city to set sustainability goals that they wish to meet. By tracking and displaying these goals to the public, they become accountable."

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  • Elizabeth Stephens | Kremenak NanoTech, Inc.

    "During my internship at Kremenak NanoTech (KNT), I seized the opportunity to help lead a field study for the company. I loved every second in the lab, and enjoyed meeting and connecting with the amazing professionals at KNT. I learned the importance of practicing standard protocols, improved my microbiology laboratory skills, and got to see a startup company test and further develop their novel antimicrobial surface technology."

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  • Elizabeth Young | Strange Bikinis, LLC

    "Through my internship at Strange Bikinis, my primary responsibilities were marketing and operations. Some of the skills I was working on include digital marketing projects, social media engagement and strategy and product photography."

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  • Esther Mansur | Sierra Arts Foundation

    "Working with Sierra Arts has been a great learning experience and has been fun along the way. I have had the opportunity to become immersed within the local artist community, and see how everything really ticked. I’ve learned so much about the crazy whirlwind of excitement that is working with professional artists, and so much about effectively communicating with the community. "

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  • Faith Evans | Downtown Reno Partnership

    "I coordinated between marketing and economic development departments to create multimedia content to benefit consumers and businesses in downtown Reno’s Business Improvement District (B.I.D.)."

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  • Gabrielle Talavera | Wahoo Fitness

    "During this internship, I was exploring software engineering. As a computer science major, I have always known I have wanted to get into software engineering or some type of tech job. Working at a software engineer intern at Wahoo Fitness has increased my interest in the field."

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  • Garrett Dozier | The National Judicial College

    "Through this experience I was able to learn and personally complete every step of the process of developing and delivering promotional materials. I was given a good amount of autonomy in doing this, so I learned to conduct work in a professional manner without needing a supervisor."

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  • Hallie Nelson | Fit Learning

    "My primary responsibilities included charting behavior during sessions, establishing trust and building a relationship in a one-on-one session, communicating training barriers, and implementing math programming in a one-on-one session."

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  • Isabel Albright | Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada

    "I worked on a number of design projects while interning with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada, but my primary focus was the fundraisers of the Golf Tournament and the Gala. I also created collateral for a recruitment campaign with the aim of recruiting 30 male Bigs in 30 days."

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  • Jacob Jaramillo | Reno Realty

    "The most positive aspects of my internship were all the work involving researching properties, listing properties on sites such as the MLS, and all other property-related work like taking pictures, drafting lease agreements, etc. I enjoyed these tasks the most because they are duties that prepared me for the work I must do when I am finally a licensed Real Estate agent."

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  • Jaycee Grider | LUXE Industries LLC

    "I was hired as a Museum Curator intern. My job has been to collect, create and design a tribute exhibition to honor the life and legacy of William F. Harrah and all the people who helped build the empire he began. I saw this as an opportunity to practice my interviewing techniques, re-familiarize myself with cameras, and learn about what it takes to curate a sitting museum exhibition."

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  • Joel Leslie | Flirtey, Inc.

    "During my internship, I have explored the job field of mechanical engineering and have been allowed to gain insight and knowledge that can be utilized moving forwards. Overall, this internship has opened my eyes to the possibilities as a mechanical engineer and has made me appreciate the opportunity and profession."

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  • Jordan Lambdin | The National Judicial College

    "My internship with the NJC gave me hands-on experience regarding how the judiciary operates. I was given research regarding cases and their impacts relevant to the legal and judicial systems, and how judges respond to such change. I was given feedback which will benefit all writing I do in the future and taught how to build sustainable professional relationships. I gained key insight into the logistical nature of academia and adult education."

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  • Joshua Luers | City of Reno - Sustainability

    "I had a great time working for the City Manager’s Office and understanding the bureaucracy involved with sustainability efforts at the local government level. I enjoyed helping put together Reno’s submission for LEED certification. I also learned that bureaucracy really does cause things to run slow (haha!) and that governmental processes are tougher and more time consuming than one would think."

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  • Keibi Mejia | Crowley & Ferrato Public Affairs

    "This internship gave me a new perspective of public policy, state government, and lobbying. It taught me things I had only read in textbooks and seen in movies. It was surreal to simply drive down to Carson, pass the Nevada Legislature building, and emerge myself in the heart of Nevada politics. I was honored to show up to the office everyday and work with team of experienced professionals who genuinely had an interest in helping us learn new skills."

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  • Keirstin Anderson | Crowley & Ferrato Public Affairs

    "My primary responsibility was writing summaries on priority bills being heard by the Nevada Legislature  for different clients. I also did calendaring, called Nevada legislators to schedule meetings and other tasks."

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  • Kenneth Fox | University of Nevada, Reno Mining and Metallurgical Engineering

    "My main responsibilities included preparing lab samples using various equipment and assisting a master student along with the rest of the team to carry out metallurgical experiments on lithium and rare earth ores. I have developed teamwork and research skills that are essential to a career in this field."

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  • Kristian Maldonado | Robison Engineering

    "My primary responsibilities included supporting planning efforts of the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail right of way acquisition by performing trail location scouting, trail planning, state and federal permit application submittals, and mapping."

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  • Krystal Carter | Keystone Canyon Press

    "There were many positive aspects of working with a dedicated group of individuals, such as being given opportunity to voice my opinions, contribute to larger projects, having creative freedom, and making connections with authors and the publishing community. I enjoyed collaborating with my colleague to market and plan for our International Dark-Sky Week Event with Paul Bogard, the author of What If Night?, a book published by Keystone Canyon Press. Planning that event posed many challenges that we worked to overcome as a team."

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  • Lindsey Lam | University of Nevada, Reno Residential Life, Housing, & Food Service

    "The most positive aspects of my internship was how supportive all the staff was in the Housing Office and the range of opportunities I was able to experience. The tasks I enjoyed the most were the research projects I was assigned and getting to help with hiring full-time staff. I enjoyed the research projects as I was able to get a glimpse of what was not working well in the organization and then provide recommendations on how they could improve."

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  • Madison Albert | Healthy Habits Living

    "My primary responsibilities were to help out the Healthy Habits Living team with warehouse duties, E-Commerce tasks, and general office work to gain experience in all aspects of a successful business. The three tasks I worked on were my written communication skills, teamwork skills, and digital technology skills."

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  • Madison Hall | Grow Wild nCo

    "I have loved getting to work with a team that is passionate about the products they sell and are always willing to share their knowledge. Through my internship, I learned about the several different platforms that make it possible to run effective marketing campaigns. The skills I have learned by using these different platforms is something I will be able to implement in my future marketing career."

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  • Malachi Mansfield | Reno Bike Project

    "My internship provided me with the chance to peer into the world of non profit organization and see what it’s about. I was able to use my eclectic skills towards a single goal and see their impacts in real time."

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  • Margaret Nelson | University of Nevada, Reno Museum of Natural History

    "I learned about museums, databases, local mammal species, and more. I’ve always been too squeamish to dissect an animal, but this internship has enabled me to overcome that challenge and consequently widen my career choices."

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  • Marlee Carpenter | Project REAL

    "I got the opportunity to speak firsthand to attorneys, and judges and their assistants; some of whom I am on a first-name basis with now.  I plan to go to law school in the near future, so developing those contacts were probably my favorite part of this internship. I also developed many skills pertaining to keeping track of/organizing dozens of virtual courthouse field-trips and attending to the various issues that arose throughout." 

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  • Michael Stepzinski | StartUpNV

    "The most positive aspect of my internship was learning how websites can connect clients to a business or a non-profit in the real-world. I gained skills needed to create clear, responsive websites from scratch, a skill that could help me for many years into the future. I learned about the plethora of easy-to-use tools available to build and maintain websites."

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  • Michelle Wrdann | The National Judicial College

    "My primary responsibilities at The National Judicial College were managing social media and writing summaries for the organization. The three skills I wanted to work on building through this experience were creating social media content, developing newsletter content, and launching a private social media platform for judges."

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  • Nathan Figueredo | Center for Transformative Environmental Monitoring Programs

    "During this internship, I explored the career field of geologist and geophysicist, and learned about important methods for data collection and processing. The internship has heightened my interest in the field, specifically the future of drone technologies and other interesting ways data collection can be advanced."

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  • Nicholas Kimutis | Nevada Recovery and Prevention (NRAP)

    "My primary responsibilities during my internship with NRAP included facilitating groups, planning sober events such as rock climbing, art therapy, managing the kickball team, engaging NRAP Alumni and and liaising with current students." 

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  • Nicole Becker | Strange Bikinis, LLC

    "This internship has been such a valuable experience, and I  am so grateful for all that I have learned. From a young  age, I have always been passionate about fashion and  design. This internship has provided insight into the  operations of a fashion brand, and emphasized the  importance of clear communication and creative design."

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  • Nolan Elledge | Reno Realty

    "During this internship I took a dive into the real estate world. When entering the position, my future plans were to use real estate as a side gig. After completing the position, I learned a ton to help me pursue that goal and I now want to work with real estate even more."

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  • Nour Sarsangi | The Learning Consultants

    "I went into this internship having extensive experience working with children however, I was not well versed in the field of ABA (applied behavior analysis). As an intern, I grew an immense admiration towards the field and the children at The Learning Consultants. I can now understand the tremendous amount of vocabulary and jargon used in the clinic. Additionally, I learned how to read many types of charts and how to write professional notes to insurance companies."

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  • Owen Christopher | LUXE Industries LLC

    "This internship had me explore the fields of research, museum curation, and documentary filmmaking. Going into it, I was already extremely interested in working in documentary films. This experience has enhanced my interest in this field and I hope to continue to grow into it."

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  • Paige Flippin | Crowley & Ferrato Public Affairs

    "Interning at Crowley & Ferrato Public Affairs showed me an entirely different facet of state politics. This internship allowed for me to experience the private sector. I learned that this field of work is something I would like to go into in the future and I learned valuable skills, especially concerning business writing and professionalism."

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  • Peyton Capellen | Tesla

    "As a Recruiting Intern with Tesla, I focused on the hiring process of several entry level roles. My team hires an average of 85 employees per week and I assisted in the hiring of 500 employees throughout the duration of my internship."

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  • Rachel Carter | University of Nevada, Reno Microbiology & Immunology Department

    "My primary responsibility was to disinfect commonly touched surfaces for COVID-19 compliance. Halfway through the internship, I also began transitioning to work in the Brett-Burtnick laboratory, where I helped with general laboratory tasks like dishwashing, autoclaving biohazardous waste, and making solutions."

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  • Sabrina Jaynes | Reno Rabbit Rescue

    "The most positive aspect of my internship was the ability to learn about the wonderful world of rabbit rescues. Prior to this, I had absolutely no knowledge in small animal rescue, and I am ecstatic that I was able to learn about it while aiding this organization. I hope one day to adopt my own rabbit!"

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  • Sarah Uehara | Urban Roots

    "This internship provided me with so many opportunities to develop my professional skills in areas I never considered. I was able to improve my digital organization skills, written and oral communication, and overall gain confidence in leading educational experiences. It has been not only great for professional development, but it has been so fun and an amazing experience to diversify my usual line of work."

    Learn more about Sarah Uehara's internship experience

  • Saralynn Lindsay | Project REAL

    "During this internship, I focused on public relations (PR) tasks for Project REAL. I am a journalism news and broadcast major, so I never really thought about doing PR as a career until completing this internship. It was something I never thought I’d be good at, and I wasn’t really sure what PR was. However, I feel much more confident after completing my internship with Project REAL."

    Learn more about Saralynn's internship experience

  • Savannah Williams | Walker Basin Conservancy

    "Throughout my time at Walker Basin Conservancy I was exposed to many experiences. I learned what it is like working alongside professionals in their fields. I learned how to engage in a team setting where collaboration is important and encouraged. This was a skill set that I was able to improve throughout my time there."

    Learn more about Savannah's internship experience

  • Serena Kase | Grow Wild nCo

    "I created content for Instagram on a regular basis to help promote items sold on the brand website as well as certain sales or promotions. Additionally, I created some clothing designs and newsletters. During this experience, I learned how to work collaboratively with a team, learned different business and marketing platforms, and understand different trends and data patterns."

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  • Shae Gibbons | University of Nevada, Reno Fitness and Recreational Sports

    "The most positive aspects of my internship was learning about collegiate club sports, getting comfortable with ambiguous projects, and improving my communication skills. During my internship, I spent most of my time researching peer higher education institutions’ club sports, understanding funding models, communicating with club sports directors from other institutions, and assisting in our club sports recognition process."

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  • Shail Patel | Incline Village General Improvement District

    "I was introduced to new software (Innoprise) that stores and filters all accounting data for IVGID. I observed how accountants operate and interact with the responsibilities which was much more interesting than the common perceptions of accountants held by most people. I witnessed how physical inventory counts end up on a general balance sheet after going through an incredible number of steps."

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  • Simran Kaur | University of Nevada, Reno Microbiology & Immunology Department

    "My favorite part about the internship was learning about all of the labs. Each one has an exciting project that focuses on a different part of microbiology. It was interesting to see how each lab utilizes different techniques to get their results. It was great to see the techniques I learned about in class utilized in a real lab setting."

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  • Sofia Lombardo | Northern Nevada International Center

    "Throughout my internship I learned the importance of being prompt, professional, and adaptable. This job required a lot of learning through experience and trial and error. I was often asked to change gears and work on projects which differed greatly from one another, but were all vital in different ways to the Interpretation and Translation industry. I also learned the importance in fostering a strong relationship with members in our community, so we not only provide the best services, but also make personal connections with the people that we serve."

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  • Sydney Lyttle | PBS Reno

    "This internship helped me explore the nonprofit field in a very broad way. I learned about TV production, marketing, technology, education, and development all in the span of just a few months. I enjoyed each aspect and could see myself going into almost any related field. This internship provided me with new pathways to nonprofit careers in the Reno area through their partnerships and connections."

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  • Tamanna Khan | Pure Ground Ingredients

    "The most positive aspects of this internship for me was learning more about business operations in the industry. I also liked learning how to work professionally during the pandemic through meeting virtually with my supervisor and through submitting my work virtually. Throughout this experience I’ve learned more about problem solving by checking in with my supervisor to ask questions and propose solutions while working on projects."

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  • Tiana Antonio | HIDEit Mounts

    "One of the most enjoyable things was experiencing the behind the scenes work that a marketing team endures. I was able to see what factors and content goes into new product launches. I also shadowed my coworker on how to create and monitor Facebook Ads. The organizational climate for HIDEit allows everyone to thrive off of each other. Every person has a valuable part in developing the products that are available to consumers."

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  • Trystin St. Denis | Ridge House

    "During my internship, I had the deep privilege of exploring multiple different career fields. Beginning at the basics of working within a non-profit organization to working specifically with addiction recovery assistance, Ridge House allowed me to experience what a community-based non-profit can do for the people it serves. After working here, I know for certain that I have only strengthened my desire to continue my work and help people around me with their struggles and do what I can to improve their lives."

    Learn more about Trystin's internship experience

  • Wesley Bell | Nevada Career Studio

    "I enjoyed working with and learning from the NCS staff. It was gratifying working on projects that help serve the Wolf Pack community. It was fun working in an office environment and utilizing Microsoft Office professionally instead of for homework. My role advanced my proficiency with Excel, which is invaluable for future positions in data analysis."

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  • Wesley Harris | Nevada Radon Education Program

    "This internship provided me great insight into the world of radon exposure and real estate. It is due to this internship experience that I have decided to pursue obtaining a real estate license this coming summer! Even though I was not able to present as many PowerPoints to Realtors due to COVID restrictions, I still greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a behind-the-scenes contributor."

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  • Zaneta Morales | Northern Nevada Math Club Inc.

    "My most positive aspect of this internship was being able to express myself creatively.  I was able to have the freedom of choosing what I wanted to communicate through each visual. I learned that communication isn't just verbal it can be written or even a picture."

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  • Zoie Harmer | Reno Bike Project

    "I was responsible for conducting research, creating marketing materials, and assisting with grant applications and other administrative duties. Through this internship, I improved my writing skills, learned about administrative duties of a non-profit, and created social media posts, an annual report, and other marketing materials using different online platforms."

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