Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes for Career Development

Career readiness doesn't happen overnight. Developing the skills and strategies to manage a career is a lifelong process - and it starts well before you finish college. The Nevada Career Studio provides all Nevada students with a solid foundation of professional competencies. We believe in career education that starts early and is reinforced at every turn: in the classroom, on the athletic field, on the job, in the community, and through the conversations and connections that make college such a special time.

Outcomes for Your Syllabus

  1. Request a career education workshop for your classroom.

  2. Choose the outcomes you want your students to master.

  3. We'll work with you to align outcomes with educational modules.

8 Core Competencies for College-to-Career

Self Knowledge

Students will analyze and articulate their interests, skills, values and strengths and relate them to educational and career plans.


Students will engage in experiences to acquire technical and professional skills, develop as learners and leaders, clarify career goals and cultivate a professional network.

Occupations & Industries

Students will use diverse sources of information, including first-hand experience, to research and compare occupations and industries in order to focus on a career path.

Job Search

Students will set realistic goals and make strategic choices about where, when and how to conduct an effective job search.


Students will invest time and attention in building professional networks and developing strategic connections with professionals working in industries of interest.

Application Materials

Students will learn how to represent their skills and experience in job application materials, optimizing their message for each individual position and employer.


Students will gain confidence exercising verbal and non-verbal interview techniques and learn how to select strategies appropriate to different types of interviews and various interview questions.

Professional & Life Skills

Students will develop interpersonal and professional skills that empower them to communicate and function successfully in the world of work.