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Career Mentor Bios

2015-16 Career Mentor Team

Learn how to apply for the Career Mentor Team here.

Jacob Boult

"I love that I get to help others while also bettering myself. Professional skills are the key to success in the world during and after college. No matter what a client needs help with, we make sure to provide them with the tools and information they need to be successful. The great part is that we, as Career Mentors, get to practice and learn everything we teach.

Jacob is currently a sophomore pursuing a dual major in Communication Studies and Political Science. 

  • ASUN Senator for the College of Liberal Arts
  • Special Events Coordinator, Interfraternity Council
  • President, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society
  • Philanthropy Chairman, Sigma Kappa Fraternity
  • Alumni Coordinator, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership NV

Jacob Coddington

Jacob Coddington

"I enjoy that small little moment where for a split second, everything clicks; no matter how difficult the task, everything just makes sense. I hope to find this little moment with every student that walks through our doors."

Jacob is a senior majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies.  He is also minoring in English and Math. He plans to graduate and either teach in the U.S. or join the military and teach abroad.

  • SALT Ambassador
  • UNEA
  • Nevada Humane Society

Rachael Decker (Graduate Career Mentor)

"I like working in the Career Studio because we have the opportunity to develop close interpersonal relationships with others and we get to be a part of the on-campus community. I find it rewarding helping others work toward their career goals."

Rachael is a Senior Graduate Student Studying Counseling in Educational Psychology.

  • Member, American School Counseling Association

Sierra Gil

"Being a Career Mentor is very fulfilling. We engage with students from all backgrounds and majors and guide them through the processes that will help them become more successful before and after graduation, especially in the workforce and graduate school. This is what I love about being a career mentor. Not only do I get to support students through this process, but I get to be there during the final outcome, whether that be in person or in spirit."

Sierra is a Junior with a double major in Psychology and Secondary Education with an emphasis in mathematics.

  • Pi Lambda Theta (Honor Society)

Shannon Hartman (Graduate Career Mentor)

"I enjoy being a Career Mentor because I love being able to help people reach their goals or get a job they really want. I enjoy learning about clients' interests, academic pursuits, what they want to do in the future and then planning with them to take a step in that direction."

Shannon is a Master's student in the Political Science department with an emphasis in Comparative Politics. She is in her second year of graduate studies.

  • Graduate assistant teaching a discussion section of Core Humanities
  • Member, PSCGO
  • Founder, Team Pantheon

Izzy Houston

Izzy Houston

"I love being a Career Mentor because I can help make the transition into the job world seem more feasible to people. Bringing clarity and making the process not seem so daunting is rewarding and seeing people achieve and grow makes it such a great environment to be a part of."

Izzy is a Senior with a passion for science, especially biology. She loves her campus, professors, and flourishes in the learning environment. Izzy loves to understand how everything works, is always fascinated by new information, and hopes to enter the veterinary profession.

  • Master of Ritual, Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Biology Discussion 190 Leader, coordinator, mentor
  • Co-writer of online discussion curriculum for online genetics and biology

Sarah Krum

"I love being a Career Mentor because of the impact I can have on students, helping them find their dream career. Whether it's watching a client discover all the skills they never knew they had or working with them to perfect their interview skills, I'm so glad for every opportunity to serve the university and inspire students."

Sarah is a junior pursuing a degree in Agricultural Education.

  • Newman Club
  • Collegiate FFA Member
  • High Desert Farming Initiative
  • Volunteer at Marvin Picollo Elementary School, Equine Therapy Riding Program
  • National Association of Agricultural Educators Student Member

Nadia Manivong

Nadia Manivong

"Working at the Nevada Career Studio has been a rewarding opportunity. I love assisting individuals to develop plans in order to reach their goal(s), short-term or long-term. I love that I get to do just that everyday in the Studio."

Nadia is a junior majoring in Biology, and minoring in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology. She plans to attend medical school and work in the field of pediatrics.

  • Phi Delta Epsilon, pre-medical fraternity
  • Vice President, HOSA Future Health Professionals
  • Volunteer, Renown Medical Center
  • Vice President, Polynesian Dance Club

Rachel Lucas

"I enjoy being a Career Mentor because it is personally fulfilling for me. Working with students and seeing them achieve their goals, whether it's an on-campus job, graduate school acceptance, a career, an internship, or just finding their true passion it is all a great experience."

Rachel is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in renewable energy. 

  • President, Society of Women Engineers
  • President, Honors Ambassadors
  • Professional Development Chair & Historian, Theta Tau
  • Secretary, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Janel Reed

"I enjoy being a Career Mentor because I love making a difference. Even though I may deal with many clients over the semester, it is the impact that I make on those one or two clients that makes everything worthwhile."

Janel is currently a sophomore majoring in Chemistry with an emphasis in Professional Chemistry and a minor in Statistics.

  • Member, Undergraduate Chemistry Club

Natalie Reavy (Graduate Career Mentor)

"Finding and getting a job or finding and getting into a graduate program can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Taking things step by step and a little at a time makes it seem easy and typically ends in better results."

Natalie is finishing up her first year in the Maters of Public Health program. She will graduate next spring.

  • Graduate Society of Public Heath

Melissa Solis

"Working each day with students from all walks of life is incredibly rewarding. What matters at the end of each interaction with a client is the gratification of being able to help out with any troubles, questions, or even just doubts they had before entering the Studio."

Melissa is a sophomore majoring in Pre-Nursing with a minor in Addiction Treatment Services. 

  • HOSA

Rose Yi

"I enjoy being able to interact and help students on campus. There are so many life lessons that aren't always taught in the classroom, having the Career Studio available to students really helps."

Rose is a sophomore with a double major in Economics and Discrete Mathematics/ Operations Research.

  • Econ Club
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon, the economics honor society
  • March of Dimes
  • Boy Scouts of Nevada
  • FBLA

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