Career Mentors

Peer-Led Career Advising

Career Mentors are undergraduate students who coach, mentor, advise, and guide their peers through career decisions. The 2017-18 team includes 18 Career Mentors from diverse academic programs and backgrounds. Career Mentors participate in a competitive application and hiring process, 50 hours of training over the summer, and weekly training and supervision throughout the year.

The Career Studio has had the opportunity to share our innovative model of peer mentoring to national audiences through the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers (MPACE).

Allison Zilberman Headshot


Communication Studies Major, Chinese Studies and Economics Minor, President of the Professional Network of Women club

"I love being a Career Mentor because it allows me to empower students to feel confident in all stages of their professional development journey. I love working with a diverse crowd of clients as well as bonding with my other awesome co-workers!"

Adrianna Owens Headshot


Journalism Major, Philosophy Minor 

"Don't wait to get started. That's said so often but still rings true. Start thinking about yourself as soon as you possibly can. It's okay to be selfish and figure out what you want out of life early on. You are worthy of everything you can catch in life, so start with an open palm now."

Jason Pitak Headshot


Psychology Major, Theatre Major, Member of Alpha Psi Omega, Research assistant in a psychology lab

"I enjoy being a career mentor because of the students that I can help. Finding a career or a field that you would be interested in working in is hard work and even harder to do on your own and being able to help people explore their options is the best part of the job."

Anthony Martinez Headshot


Psychology Major, Communications Minor, Freelance Photographer, President of Mariachi Lobos De Plata

"After graduating in May 2018, I hope to continue to graduate school and pursue a career in the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology. I am striving to work with companies in order to apply a scientific method in the workplace for issues facing individuals, teams, and organizations focusing on performance management, interpersonal communications, as well as diversity and inclusion. I love working at the Career Studio because of the student to student model we have, I have been able to meet and help so many unique and hardworking students across campus."

Rachel Grimaldi Headshot


Criminal Justice Major, HDFS and Addiction Treatment Minor, Joe Crowley Student Union Employee, board member of Mock Trial and Phi Aplha Delta

"I love being a career mentor because the studio is one of the few niches where students can come and get real life advice. Every student is at his University for a reason, yet nobody shows them what the next step is after college. I think the skills that are taught in the studio are paramount in a person's higher education, and as a mentor I get to be apart of sharing this knowledge."

Cheyenne Harder Headshot


Biology Major, Peer Advisor at the Academic Advising Center

"I enjoy being a Career Mentor because I am able to make an impact to the students of the university. I love being able to help people figure out what their career goals are, and help them in every step to getting there. Being a Career Mentor is more than just helping people get jobs, it's about understanding how to prepare people for the rest of their lives and assisting them down the path they were meant to take."

Kayla Ryan Headshot


Psychology Major, Peer Advisor at the Academic Advising Center, Psychology 101 Proctor, Childhood Autism Program Tutor

"I love helping students in a meaningful capacity. Everyone is going to college to get a good job, and I feel like the work we do here is one of the most important things you can do for university students. They're able to handle the academics, but we're here to help them figure out the intricacies of joining the workforce."

Kali Kester Headshot


Kinesiology major and Spanish minor, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northern Nevada, Basque dancer

"The Career Studio is a great place to be because the sole purpose of it is to help students achieve.The beauty of the Career Studio is that it is ran by students for students, and there is always a friendly face to help you. It is truly an amazing and inspiring place to work."

Janay Hagans Headshot


Journalism Major, Intern for Wolf Pack Athletics 

"The biggest piece of advice I have for other college students would be to get out in the world and get experience. Whether you know what you want to be when you grow up or not, experience not only looks great on a resume but also guides you in what your interests may be. I've never heard anyone say that having too much experience is a bad thing, and stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a risk with an internship or job may help you land your dream job."

Courtney Palmer Headshot


Computer Science Major, Member of Sigma Alpha Igma, Building Monitor at the Knowledge Center

"When I was a freshman, I came into the career studio all of the time because the career mentors were very nice and helped me a variety of things. Now that I'm a career mentors myself, I get to help people grow and find their own passions just like the career studio did for me."

Mapuana Andrade Headshot


Journalism Major, English Writing Minor, Photographer for the Joe Crowley Student Union

"My advice to other college students would be: it's so okay to not have a plan, to stray from a plan, or to throw it all out. Make mistakes and make a hundred more because this is the time to do it all."

Carissa Bradley Headshot


Environmental Science Major, Public Administration Minor, ASUN Chief of Staff, CABNR Ambassadors President

"The Career Studio is so special to me because of how rewarding it is. I gain so much from being able to help people and see their confidence grow and grow as our conversation goes on. I have never been apart of a job that didn't feel like a job and I am so excited everyday that I can walk into the Studio and truly feel that."

Raymond Patrick, Jr. Headshot


Psychology Minor, Stock Trader

"The Career Studio is one of the best resources on campus to help you figure out your life goals and how to achieve them. It is run by students for students meaning the Career Mentors are students as well. The studio is also designed to be an open and interactive workspace."

Sybille Horcholle Headshot


Computer Science Major, Honors Program Student

"The Career Studio is a hidden gem at the University - conveniently centered in PSAC, students have access to a talented knowledgeable staff, a nurturing and welcoming environment, and all the tools one needs to build a successful career path. It is the goal of the Career Studio that everyone walk away feeling accomplished and confident to take on any job situation."

Audrey Randazzo Headshot


Computer Science and Engineering Major, Vice President of Professional Network of Women Club

"I believe that the ability to teach someone else a skill, and help them become better at something, is one of the most special aspects of being a Career Mentor. I have found that through helping others, it has instilled a feeling of satisfaction within myself. Practicing people and professional skills each day has made me a better mentor and, in turn, a better person."

Brooke MacNeill Headshot


Business Management major, ASUN Club Commissioner for Service & Community Outreach and Faith Based Clubs, Business Student Council, College of Business Peer Mentor

"After I graduate I would like to find a Human Resources position, and move back to the Sacramento area. I really want to work for a company that I believe in, whether that be a non- profit or similar business. Later in my career, I would like to go back to school to get my MBA and get into management somewhere. I really enjoy the organizational side of business, and hope that I can implement that into my future career."