H-1B Visa

H-1B aliens may only work for their sponsoring U.S. employers and only within the scope of the H-1B activities described in their petition. H-1B aliens should not undertake unauthorized self-employment activities and UNR should not use services performed by an alien unauthorized to execute them.

Our office strongly discourages departments from engaging any activities with H-1B aliens who are sponsored by another entity, unless it is approved by the other sponsoring entities prior to the engagement. In such cases, UNR will make a payment to the sponsoring entities, who will pay the H-1B aliens.

Following documents are required in processing payments to H-1B sponsoring entities:

  • Prior written agreement with the H-1B sponsoring entity
  • Request for Payment or Purchase Requisition Worksheet with W-9 attached.

Since these are payments to corporations, the sponsoring entities are responsible for meeting any withholding requirements associated with the payments to nonresident aliens.