Computer loan program

Interest free loans of up to $2,000 for the purchase of personal computer systems, subject to the availability of funds, are available to faculty and classified employees who have worked in a permanent position for the university for one year, and have an FTE of at least half-time. These loans must be repaid over the course of one year via payroll deduction.

The individual employees interested in obtaining a loan must send a request in writing to the Associate Vice President of Business and Finance or submit a request electronically by completing the "Computer Loan Request" below. Applications received while a loan is currently outstanding will not be approved.

Upon approval, the employee will be notified to obtain a written, fixed price quotation for the proposed purchase. The Computer Den in the ASUN Bookstore may be used for the purchases if desired. The Computer Den has contracts with several companies with special pricing for university faculty and staff.

The employee will then be directed to the Student Loan Office to complete a University of Nevada, Reno Computer Loan Fund Promissory Note. A check will be issued within five days to either the employee or the vendor.