Jerry Qualls

Associate Professor
Jerry Qualls

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., University of Georgia
  • M.S., University of North Carolina
  • B.S., University of North Carolina

Research Interests

How ecosystems develop means of retaining soluble organic nutrients during primary succession and soil development, denitrification, fate of organic nitrogen inputs in the Truckee River, phosphorus input and cycling in Lake Tahoe, control of phosphorus eutrophication by addition of ferric chloride and alum, the process of humification and the control of carbon sequestration in soil, soil nitrogen and carbon mineralization in the Mojave desert, microbial decomposition of dissolved humic substances, ecophysiology and competitive relationships of Lepidium latifolium (tall whitetop) and other invasive wetland plants

Class Materials

  • Wetland Ecology and Management: NRES 440/640. 4 credits. Geomorphology, hydrology, soils, biogeochemistry, physiology of wetland organisms, wildlife management, restoration, mitigation, and law of wetlands. Laboratory required. For upper level undergraduates and graduates.
  • Microbial Ecology: NRES 777. 4 credits. Topics include: the origin of life, microbial evolution, biochemistry and cell structure of Archaea, Bacteria, algae, classification, algal ecology, methods, plant-microbe interactions, soil and water environments, biodegradation. 4 credits includes required Lab. For graduate students.


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