Student Center remodel provides place to study and relax

By Kayla Johnson

Student Center remodel"The recent remodel of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources Student Center has allowed CABNR to accommodate student needs at a better capacity.

The remodel, completed in the summer, was done in an effort to make more efficient use of dwindling space resources.

The CABNR Student Center, now located in Fleischmann Agriculture 237 and 237A, previously had four computers but now has 20 computers for student use. It also has a kitchenette, couch for napping, many tables for effective studying and 200 free pages of printing per semester for all CABNR majors.

"There was a lot of dismay and students needed a place to go," said Jerry McGraw, IT manager of CABNR. "We needed to figure out how to accommodate all student use and now the rooms that were underutilized in the building are fully utilized."

Meaghan Grab, a 21-year-old pre-veterinarian major, has been taking full advantage of the new CABNR Student Center.

"I enjoy using the center because I use it mostly for the computers to do homework and to have somewhere to go in-between classes. I like the remodeled area way better because there is a lot more space for the students."

In the future, McGraw said the CABNR Student Center hopes to expand to be able to do small group teaching such as graduate seminars.

"The remodel worked out better than I thought it would," McGraw said. "We now have a dual purpose room open to any student of the University."

By providing common and meeting space, the mission of the CABNR Student Center is to encourage learning beyond the classroom through community dialogue, cultural enrichment, social engagement and scholarship.
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