Graduate Student Regents' Scholar Award Winner 2017

Angela Hornsby, former graduate student in the CABNR, completed her doctorate degree at the University in fall 2016 within the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology program. Her research focused on how small mammals reacted and adapted to climate differences across both space and time.

Angela Hornsby, graduate student Nevada Regents' Scholar Award Winner 2017"There are many ways to approach this question, and my advisor, Dr. Marjorie Matocq, gave me a lot of flexibility to decide what I thought were the most interesting aspects and what methods I could use to investigate them," Hornsby said.

Hornsby's work was supported by a National Science Foundation EPSCoR graduate fellowship, which funded a number of NSHE students working on various aspects of climate change science and education. She also received competitive research awards from the University's Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology program, Graduate Student Association and the American Society of Mammalogists.

Hornsby is now a post-doctoral research associate at Virginia Tech, Virginia, where she has been since January 2017.

"I'm currently working with Dr. Joel McGlothlin to understand the genetic basis of adaptation in reptiles and birds to naturally occurring toxins in their prey," she said. "This project is a great complement to my doctoral work, allowing me to learn more about molecular evolution and bioinformatics. I'm gaining new skills that will be very helpful in future research."

Hornsby said that her goal is to stay in an academic position so that she can put her diverse skills and interests to use.

"I'd like to find a position that allows me the opportunities and flexibility to keep pursuing my research program, offer great training and learning opportunities for students, continue utilizing and working with natural history collections, and be genuinely involved in outreach efforts to make science - our way of asking questions and sharing information about the world - feel more accessible and relevant to the public," she said.

Hornsby was selected as the 2017 Graduate Student Regents Scholar by the Nevada System of Higher Education.