New Faces

Juana Reynoza-GomezJuana Reynoza-Gomez to focus on student recruitment, outreach
Juana Reynoza-Gomez - has assumed the role of Student Recruitment, Retention and Outreach Coordinator for the College. After four years with UNR's Athletic Department (advisor) and three years with UNR's Office for Prospective Students (recruiter), she's brought her networking talents to CABNR.

Reynoza-Gomez, who received her Master's degree in Counseling in Educational Psychology from UNR, said her work with students continues to progress alongside the education field.

"The student development process is ever evolving," she said. "It's fascinating how much students change from when they start to when they graduate. It's nice to watch them develop the skills necessary to succeed in the world."

She plans to build up her contacts within rural and urban schools. She's also working with the CABNR student ambassadors program. Along with college fairs, career fairs and individual student outreach programs, Reynoza-Gomez plans to incorporate University of Nevada Cooperative Extension's (UNCE) teleconference technology to reach a broader rural audience.

Beth PadovanBeth Padovan new CABNR coordinator of budget, personnel
Beth Padovan, CABNR's coordinator of budget and personnel, is taking charge of the books. On April 1, 2012, Padovan began accounting for CABNR and NAES' grant funds, state funds and Hatch funds - helping the College keep its sources of funds and records straight so that money for projects is properly spent and grants applied.

"I keep track of budgets so we know what's paying for what," Padovan said. "I manage where salaries are paid from and monitor spending to make sure everything in the budget is properly spent by the year's end. I also help facilitate any human resource issues within the college."

Beth grew up in a small farming town in central Illinois surrounded by corn and soybean fields. After receiving her bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Illinois and living in both central Illinois and Chicago, she moved to Colorado, where she remains a licensed CPA. She moved to Nevada in 2005 and has experience in governmental, audit, nonprofit and industry accounting.

"It's an honor to work for CABNR," Padovan said. "I'm very excited to immerse myself in the university environment."