Cushman named prestigious Foundation Professor by UNR

John Cushman, a professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at CABNR, was one of three professors recently named Foundation Professors in recognition of their outstanding research and teaching achievements.

The University's Foundation awards each a grant of $5,000 for three years to be used to further their professional endeavors. Cushman is a nationally recognized research professor in the field of molecular biology of plants in response to abiotic stress who joined the University in 2000.

He has built the plant molecular sciences at the University, using his considerable influence in the field to attract additional outstanding researchers here. He has also assisted a number of fellow faculty members in their grant work.

In addition to his research, Dr. Cushman serves as Director of the Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and played a key role in the first INBRE, a $17.3 million program. Kathleen Keef and Kwang Jin Kim were the other two distinguished University of Nevada, Reno professors named along with Cushman.