Mediterranean diet advocate speaks at CABNR event

Dr. Michael Ozner, medical director for the Center for Prevention and Wellness at Baptist Health South Florida, was the featured speaker March 31 at the CABNR Nutrition Graduate Program Seminar Series.

Ozner's presentation, titled "Bypass Surgery? No thanks. Pass the red wine!" focused on the benefits of the Mediterranean-style diet, which he told his Reno audience has proven to lower inflammatory markers, reduce metabolic syndrome and eliminate many risk factors that contribute to heart disease.

"This is a diet and a lifestyle that not only can make you look and feel great but can help you live a longer, healthier life at the same time," Ozner said. The diet Ozner has developed, called the my Miami Mediterranean Diet, not only helps people lose weight but actually saves lives, Ozner said.

The diet is characterized by whole grains and legumes, lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of heart-healthy olive oil. The diet has been clinically proven to arrest the degenerative factors that lead to many lethal diseases.

"The Miami Mediterranean Diet is about preventing cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation and neutralizing free radicals that lead to heart disease, cancer, and numerous other diseases," Ozner told his Reno audience.

"Can we defeat cardiovascular disease and its manifestations (heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease)? The answer is yes!" Jamie Benedict, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition, said Ozner also described his 10-step plan to achieving good health, which emphasizes characteristics of the Mediterranean diet but also the need for exercise, stress management and time with friends and family.

"The seminar was packed," Benedict said. "Students, staff, faculty and members of the community attended. I think we had close to 100 people in attendance." If you missed Ozner's presentation, visit his website (, or pick up one of his bestsellers, "The Great American Heart Hoax," or "The Miami Mediterranean Diet."